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    Excelsior College & California

    Ok, just got an update from a friend of mine who has been in contact with the CABRN. They have confirmed that Excelsior graduates who graduated after the cut off date can not only NOT apply for initial licensure, nor can they even apply for endorsement. They are flat out denying everybody because of the lack of clinical experience concurrent with theory. Even if you have worked as a RN in another state with sufficient experience, they wont even look at the application. But they will surely take your money just to deny you. For those of you who are lucky enough to live in a state that accepts the education, count your blessings as you are truely blessed to have Excelsior as an option. Unfortunately not all of us are lucky. Good Luck to all!
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    EKG Tech to Nursing

    I have a friend whose ultimate goal is to be a RN in cardiology. She has asked me a question that I really have no answer to. Since I can't seem to find the answer I'm turning to the allnurses.com readers/posters to see if they can help. She would like to do a EKG Tech course online. We have been searching but can't seem to find one. When we type in "EKG Technician online training" it brings up a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with our search. Can anybody please help us? Do any of you know of any EKG Technician courses that are offered online? She doesn't have adequate transportation at the moment to attend a traditional classroom style. Any information is very helpful. Thanks in advance.
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    ~California CNA Training facilities~

    I've read people are asking about CNA classes in particular areas of California and I've posted this link several times in the past 6 weeks. Would it be possible for us to have a sticky for a list of approved CNA courses in particular states? If so, here's one for California. Thanks http://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/ct/rp/cna.asp
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    Current Pass Rates For CA RN Programs

    i have calculated the pass rates for california rn schools on average. i had a question on another forum regarding the reputation of the school. pass rates were brought up and i decided to pull them up for all ca schools. i hope everyone finds this helpful. http://www.rn.ca.gov/schools/passrates.shtml 90-100% 80-89% 75-79% below 74% n/a years 2004-2009 allan hancock college 83.4% (147 students) american river college 88.3% (515 students) american university of health sciences 100% (1 student), 2008-2009 antelope valley college 89.5% (562 students) azusa pacific university-bsn 85.6% (426 students) azusa pacific university-msn 91.6% (82 students), 2005-2009 bakersfield college 84.3% (577 students) biola university 88.1% (157 students) butte college 77.6% (253 students) cabrillo college 90.1% (264 students) california baptist university-bsn 95.5% (22 students), 2008-2009 california baptist university-msn n/a csu bakersfield-bsn 78.9% (147 students), 2007-2009 csu bakersfield-msn 86.3% (129 students) 2004-2008 csu channel islands n/a csu chico 85.6% (337 students) csu dominguez hills 79.2% (24 students), 2008-2009 csu east bay 89.2% (345 students) csu fresno-bsn 83.3% (576 students) csu fresno-msn 66.9% (51 students), 2007-2009 csu fullerton-bsn n/a csu fullerton-msn 89.5% (57 students), 2008-2009 csu long beach-bsn 86.57% (765 students) csu long beach-msn n/a csu los angeles-bsn 89.6% (406 students) csu los angeles-msn 64.0% (57 students), 2006-2009 csu northridge 100% (16 students), 2008-2009 csu sacramento-bsn 92.4% (692 students) csu sacramento-msn 90.0% (50 students), 2007-2008 csu san bernardino 79.1% (517 students) csu san marcos 95.4% (43 students), 2008-2009 csu stanislaus 88.1% (127 students) cerritos college 85.3% (499 students) chabot college 97.3% (179 students) chaffey college 98.3% (241 students) citrus college 88.6%, (24 students), 2007-2009 city college of san francisco 84.2% (424 students) college of marin 85.6% (192 students) college of san mateo 84.2% (238 students) college of the canyons 86.4% (467 students) college of the desert 86.3% (474 students) college of the redwoods 87.3% (251 students) college of the sequoias 83.1% (583 students) college of the siskiyous 97.8% (24 students) 2007-2009 concordia university irvine n/a contra costa college 95.5% (279 students) copper mountain college 53.2 (53 students), 2006-2009 cuesta college 95.3% (221 students) cypress college 96.6% (409 students) de anza college 81.8% (372 students) dominical university of california 85.4% (299 students) east los angeles college 74.4% (450 students) el camino college 86.5% (477 students) el camino college-compton education center 66.9% (152 students) everest college n/a evergreen valley college 90.8% (265 students) fresno city college 78.1% (1146 students) gavilan college 89.6% (91 students) glendale community college 89.8% (379 students) golden west college 91.1% (622 students) grossmont college 83.6% (637 students) hartnell college 88.9% (96 students), {2006-2007 (n/a)} humboldt state university 84.3% (216 students) imperial valley college 69.6% (286 students) interamerican college n/a kaplan college 77.7% (521 students) loma linda university-adn 87.4% (534 students) loma linda university-bsn 77.2% (91 students) long beach city college 91.83% (563 students) la city college 79.5% (217 students) la county college of nursing & allied health 89.4% (555 students) la harbor college 96.5% (405 students) la pierce college 76.6% (322 students) la southwest college 71.1% (209 students) la trade-tech college 66.5% (226 students) la valley college 82.97% (423 students) los medanos college 89.6% (233 students) mendocino college 87.0% (97 students) merced college 84.1% (197 students) merritt college 90.5% (168 students) mira costa college 100% (33 students) 2007-2009) mission college n/a modesto junior college 93.9% (640 students) monterey peninsula college 92.7% (199 students) moorpark college 93.4% (382 students) mount st. mary's college-adn 74.5% (438 students) mount st. mary's college-bsn 83.7% (621 students) mt. san antonio college 90.9% (629 students) mt. san jacinto college 87.4% (305 students) napa valley college 78.0% (340 students) national university-adn 91.5% (156 students), 2005-2009 national university-bsn 77.0% (230 students), 2005-2009 ohlone college 93.3% (240 students) pacific union college 76.0% (486 students) palomar college 98.0% (299 students) pasadena city college 88.56% (526 students) point loma nazarene college 90.0% (226 students) rio hondo college 84.0% (415 students) riverside community college 92.3% (731 students) sacramento city college 97.4% (619 students) saddleback college 95.5% (535 students) samuel merritt college-bsn 86.5% (933 students) samuel merritt college-msn 92.9% (349 students) san bernardino valley college 87.6% (416 students) san diego city college 89.0% (327 students) san diego state university 94.1% (783 students) san francisco state university-bsn 81.2% (496 students) san francisco state university-msn 82.9% (228 students) san joaquin delta college 79.5% (650 students) san joaquin valley college 88.3% (32 students), 2007-2009 san jose state university 76.5% (774 students) santa ana college 89.7% (521 students) santa barbara city college 88.3% (208 students) santa monica college 88.8% (300 students) santa rosa junior college 94.9% (411 students) shasta college 89.5% (337 students) sierra college 98.0% (248 students) solano community college 79.3% (254 students) sonoma state university-bsn 87.5% (181 students) sonoma state university-msn 100% (12 students), 2007-2008 southwestern college 84.4% (254 students) unitek college 76.5% (91 students), 2007-2009 uc irvine n/a uc los angeles-bsn n/a uc los angeles-msn 90.2% (51 students), 2008-2009 uc san francisco 96.2% (335 students) university of phoenix-modesto n/a university san diego/hahn 93.6% (160 students) university of san francisco-bsn 92.7% (584 students) university of san francisco-msn 98.9% (205 students) ventura college 90.5% (441 students) victor valley college 89.8% (352 students) west coast university-inland empire-adn n/a west coast university-inland empire-bsn n/a west coast university-los angeles-adn 85.5% (624 students), 2006-2009 west coast university-los angeles-bsn n/a west coast university-orange county-adn 93.5% (46 students), 2008-2009 west coast university-orange county-bsn n/a western career college 82.2% (72 students), 2006-2009 western university of health sciences 86.2% (162 students), 2005-2009 west hills college lemoore n/a yuba college 90.2% (180 students)
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    Wasted 5 years of my life with LPNschool, now failed NCLEX for the 2nd time. I'M DONE

    My advise to you is DON'T GIVE UP!!!!! I've seen the stupidest nurses pass the NCLEX on the first try, and their everyday battle is which insulin to draw up first lantus (ummmmm okkkkkk?????) or regular :nuke: and they can't seem to understand why we look at them with a horrid look when they ask us this question day in and day out. The NCLEX isn't an easy test to pass. It's all theory and it's set up to fail us. My best friend is a horrible test taker but she knows how to critical think on the floor. She passed the NCLEX on the second try and she wasn't going to give up. She used Lippincotts & Davis as her study tooks after failing it the first time. She stopped at 85 and then passed. Once again, I'm going to tell you DON'T GIVE UP. You can nip this in the butt. Rest your mind for a couple of weeks and the start studying again. Good Luck
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    speaking spanish & nursing in san diego

    For liability purposes in our hospital there's a differential only if you're a certified interpreter. If you're not certified then you wont get that extra pay. It can be in any language.
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    Denied CA lvn license for 2 DUI's

    This is all too weird as when I went to LVN school we were told that there would be a background check. I'm surprised that none of you were told that there would be a background check. I guess in the boards mind is that they want to make sure that the applicant displays honesty and integrity before they will grant them a license. I'm not saying that those who were denied don't deserve a license but a DUI is a serious offense and someone could have gotten seriously hurt or maybe even killed. In the boards mind they are probably thinking who knows they may have only gotten caught once or twice, but is this a regular habit of the applicant? The BON has a lot of things to consider before they license anyone. I'm the first to admit that we are all human and we all make mistakes and we learn from them. But, I'm also someone who lost a family member due to someone driving under the influence that survived. So I see this a little bit differently than most people do. Best wishes and good luck to you all who are having this issue.
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    Future Nurse wanting to work somewhere in South America

    Most likely the pay wont be as good as the US, but you will find that the cost of living is cheaper. The first step is finding a country where you would like to work as a nurse. Not all countries are accepting to Americans so that's another thing to consider. You may want to research different countries and see which culture interests you the most and go from there. Good Luck
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    Visa screen certificate vs IELTS result

    To be honest with you it's just a way to suck more money out of you. If you have a long wait to go you should really think about a plan B and try another route. Others have done that and have decided plan B was better and have canceled their route to the US. Good Luck
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    From Michigan to SanDiego.. HELP!

    The area where Scripps is located is VERY EXPENSIVE! For what they're paying nurses there I don't understand how anybody can afford to live there on that salary. I make more as a LVN up in the Bay Area than a RN does does in San Diego. Isn't that pitiful? Right now moving to CA isn't a hot idea as you would find it easier and less expensive to move somewhere in South Texas where I heard and read that they are hiring new grads. Get your feet wet first before making a huge move to CA as it might be beneficial at this time. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck!
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    Help Chronicity! Excelsior

    This is an interesting thread as I've read that many people are completing 2 exams a month. How do you do it? Are you basically studying 48 hours a day?
  12. NurseCubanitaRN2b

    CPNE Excelsior College

    Congratulations GN!! That is an accomplishment that I'm hoping to accomplish one day. I've worked with Excelsior Grads when it was Reagents, and two when it went Excelsior. All of them stated that the program wasn't easy. I can see this as they are tops and you can tell they are one of the sharpest tools in the shed. Good luck on your NCLEX
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    ***FYI Excelsior students can get Licensed in Cali***

    Thank you for clarification because i understood differently. I had thought you meant that the LVN clinical hours wouldn't count for the RN licensure if completing a RN program in CA. But I see what you're saying and it does make sense. If Excelsior would just include clinical hours for those states that do require additional clinical hours. From my understanding when I spoke with someone from Excelsior months ago. You can gain licensure through Oklahoma after completing two 30 hour preceptorship in both ob & psych. You will also gain 2 units of credit towards that and it will show up on your college transcripts. But you would have to complete them in Oklahoma. That clinical component is also arranged through Excelsior College and it's completed before graduation. For Arizona which requires 120 hours of preceptorship, you aren't awarded any units, but it does show up on your Excelsior transcripts. That can be done before or after graduation. I'm unsure about Colorado and Washington, but I do know that they require preceptorships also. Sometimes I feel I'm wasting time twiddling my thumbs hoping and praying a LVN-RN program accepts me. I get sooooo tempted to just go through with the program and complete one of the preceptorships and attempt to at least endorse into CA. But then I'm afraid at the sametime because if I'm not accepted then I'm @$$ed out because no CA school would accept me to complete their program because I would have already completed another RN program. It's a catch 22, but if I'm successful then I would be able to help others who are in a similar situation. But we will wait and see. MsPC what are your plans? I know you had mentioned that you'll be moving to another state or something like that. Or did I confuse you with someone else.
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    Looking for suggestion

    While you're waiting you may want to brush up on your English skills. Not only is verbal communication important, but also written documentation. Good Luck in your search.
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    CPNE this weekend!!!!!!

    Good Luck this weekend!
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    Friends cheating.. what to do?

    My nursing program had a policy that if you knew someone was cheating and didn't report it, then you're cheating too. Let me ask you this. What if you knew that your friend was double dosing a patient each day that she was takinig care of that patient. As a RN you're a mandated reporter. I hope you wouldn't keep your mouth shut. That's someones family member right there. I wouldn't hesitate to turn that person in. I'm sorry but these are patients lives are at stake. Someone with integrity wouldn't do what you're describing. If you don't want to report it, then pass on over the email to your professor and I will do it for you. Good Luck
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    Same Day Endorsement

    They must be back logged with endorsement applications along with new applicants. There are fewer workers and more paperwork to deal with. Sad situation in CA altogether.
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    rn application from philippines for the US

    Right now local RNs are having issues with finding employment, especially new grads. Keep continuing with your MSN and specialize in something. That would increase your chances for a work visa, but it's not a permanent visa and it can be canceled at anytime. With your MSN that will open up so many opportunities for you. Good Luck
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    ***FYI Excelsior students can get Licensed in Cali***

    I'm sorry if you feel that I'm offending you as that's not what I'm meaning to do. It's a good thing that you're reading the regulations because you can get a clearer picture of how things work. But sometimes I feel the regulations are so confusing that you need someone to interpret them for you. Here in CA, most of the LVN programs run about 3 semesters long and have over 900 hours of clinical experience. Which that exceeds the RN program here in CA, but the LVN-RN student still needs to complete the last 2 semesters of the RN program which includes around 300-400 hours of clinical experience. So in the end, the LVN would have completed about 1200 hours of clinical experience between both the LVN & RN programs. Thank you for the information that you have provided because I definately learned something new. That's what I love about this site is because I learn so many new things from the people that post here.
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    ***FYI Excelsior students can get Licensed in Cali***

    Actually clinical hours for a LVN program do count towards the clinical in concurrent with theory. For the LVN program in CA we had to have over 900 hours of clinical time. But I don't think someone who graduates from Excelsior would be able to count those 900 hours fully. You can have 1500 hours of clinical experience in a LVN program, but if there's no psychiatric rotation then it must be met with actual clinical experience. For the LVN program part of the clinical time is met, but you have to have your psych rotation for the RN program.
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    ***FYI Excelsior students can get Licensed in Cali***

    This happened just recently? I heard from a good friend who was in contact with the BRN in CA and was told by them that they were no longer going to let Excelsior graduates endorse into CA around the beginning of the year. I even contact the BRN a few months ago and sure enough it was confirmed. If this happened just recently then that's a great thing. You should ask your friend from GA come and share her experience with the endorsement process as it gives hope for those who are trying to make it. Everyones situation is different and there could be valid reasons why your friend is the exception. She may have education that exceeds the minimum qualifications and that could be the reason why. Thanks for sharing.
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    PD About To Become Current

    Also keep in mind that the job market in the US is very scarce and even local experienced nurses are having a hard time finding employment. When moving from state to state it's wise to already have a job in line before quitting your old job. Since you're an international nurse it's going to be even more difficult. Good Luck
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    Considering LVN/LPN program

    Finding a job as a LVN is hard all around. There are some nurses who you kinda wonder how the heck did they ever graduate nursing school and there are some top notch nurses. I'm learning that it's the nurse that makes their reputation in the work force, and not the school. I work with some dingbats who are both RNs and LVNs, they either know how to pass exams or they just cheated their way through nursing school. Also, look at the fact that nursing schools set your basic foundation in nursing but it's actually practicing in the field is where you will gain more knowledge. Good Luck
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    Feeling like I am spinning my wheels

    You are only one class away from finishing your BS degree. I would say go for that because it's only one class away. Right now it's frustrating as heck as I've applied to many LVN-RN programs and still have yet to be accepted by them. I'm in my 2nd career and wish I had done it earlier. After you finish your BS, then you can look at ABSN programs or you can do the ADN route. Good Luck
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    International nursing and Excelsior College

    Unsure about the answer to that question but I do know that most other countries require a BSN. Are you getting your BSN through Excelsior College? More than a handful of states have issues with Excelsior College here in the US. How it is viewed internationally I have no idea. It is a good school though. Good Luck