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  1. NewCareer78

    El Centro....Pharmocology not requried?

    Thanks so much! Even though it wasn't in required...I figured I should take it anyway. I for sure don't want to be one of those students stuggling with Meds, and I want to be as prepared as possible. Thanks again, I will take it after Micro (since that's a preq). How are you liking the program at El Centro? Any pointers you can share?
  2. NewCareer78

    El Centro....Pharmocology not requried?

    Actually I do! Do you know her name? I took a Bio class there with a teacher who was awesome! Can't remember her name but she was from Scotland. Is this the same person? She was super nice too.
  3. NewCareer78

    El Centro....Pharmocology not requried?

    Thank You so much for that info! I'm taking Scit 1407 and Basic Health Profession Skills next semester. I do plan to take Scit 1408 and Micro before applying which will be next year. Just curious about Pharm, but I won't stress over that too much since I'll learn as I go. Thanks Again and good luck in the program!
  4. NewCareer78

    El Centro....Pharmocology not requried?

    I am interested in applying to El Centro's ADN program in the Spring 2010. I noticed in the list of classes required Pharmacology is not needed? Has anyone completed El Centro's program? If so how was that information incorporated in the program, or was it covered in other classes? What was your overall experience in the program at El Centro.
  5. NewCareer78

    What advise can you give...

    I am going to start taking preq classes in the Fall for Nursing. I was going to school for Business, but decided to look into Nursing. Math or Science hasn't been my best subject, but with any class if I buckle down I can go well in the class. My biggest fear is Anatomy and learning all of the different parts of the body. I was thinking about getting a head start by purchasing flash cards and start reviewing them. Is that a good idea? What overall advise can you give someone like me who is changing careers, at 30 years old, and will be newly married! Thanks