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El Centro....Pharmocology not requried?


I am interested in applying to El Centro's ADN program in the Spring 2010. I noticed in the list of classes required Pharmacology is not needed? Has anyone completed El Centro's program? If so how was that information incorporated in the program, or was it covered in other classes? What was your overall experience in the program at El Centro.

Pharmocology is not required. I did take it before entering the program and honestly, I'm not sure how much it helped. The drugs are discussed throughout the program, related to the topics. Also you learn drugs pretty quickly when you are doing your clinical rotations. I haven't completed the program, so I can't give any feedback on whether I've learned enough drugs for the NCLEX.

As far as the program as a whole. It's time consuming and tough, but very doable if you have the discipline and dedication. I'm sure anyone can say that about any nursing program.

Thank You so much for that info! I'm taking Scit 1407 and Basic Health Profession Skills next semester. I do plan to take Scit 1408 and Micro before applying which will be next year. Just curious about Pharm, but I won't stress over that too much since I'll learn as I go. Thanks Again and good luck in the program!

If you live anywhere near Richland college, I think they have best Micro teacher! I think she also does SCIT too. She makes it fun and simple.

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Actually I do! Do you know her name? I took a Bio class there with a teacher who was awesome! Can't remember her name but she was from Scotland. Is this the same person? She was super nice too.

Pharmacology is not required but I would suggest it. Knowing the basics of the drugs will help you in school. I took it a while back with Alegre at Northlake College and I am currently benefiting from it in nursing school. Many of the other students are struggling with meds. You will have to research them and what not for clinicals anyways, might as well have something to grow on than get tossed into something you dont know anything about


Thanks so much! Even though it wasn't in required...I figured I should take it anyway. I for sure don't want to be one of those students stuggling with Meds, and I want to be as prepared as possible. Thanks again, I will take it after Micro (since that's a preq). How are you liking the program at El Centro? Any pointers you can share?

Eh..its nursing school. Not very fun, but there seems to have more bark than bite. I have yet to open a book and am pulling a solid B in lecture and lab. Lectures are VERY boring, they cant get their online videos to work right and now the semester is basically over. The biggest thing I can tell you is not to stress out. People seem to blow things way out of proportion for no reason. The ones that stress out over nothing are just not very happy. I would highly suggest taking all 10 classes BEFORE going into nursing. The problem is scheduling, its terrible. We have tuesday lecture and wednesday clinical. That rules out classes all week unless you take online or night classes. Also, its much better to not have to worry about studying for Micro and nursing at the same time. Nursing school is a whole new world into something you may not know much about. Its aggrevating when teachers dont spell out everything that they expect and its a learning curve. Make friends with people in nursing school and they can help you out with stuff like care plans. During your first semester you will give oral meds....you will have to learn the 5 rights and everyone always seems to forget one of them when you are on the spot...just remember TRAMP :D Time Route Allergies Medication/dose Patient

I agree, take all the support courses before. Nursing school is a whole new experience. I can tell you from my experience, everyone was so stressed out first semester. No one knew how to study/what to study. Everyone's different but what works for me is I strickly study the power points. I print them out and go through the book and mark the pages that refer to any topics in the powerpoints. Then I study the powerpoints and a couple of days before the test, I go back through the book and do the extra reading. I find it easier to get the main point first, then getting the extra details from the book, rather than trying to read the book first and being overwhelmed with what I'm reading. I don't even bother with the tegritys (this is the lectures they put online to watch), they say the same things in lecture first semester so it's a waste to go back and watch them.

First semester there's a book called Fundamentals of Success that was very helpful. It has lots of practice questions and there are times some of the same/similar questions are on the test.

Be prepared to spend a lot of money, start saving now. Books are crazy and theres several others you will need, like a good drug book (you can find them at half price book store) and a good care plan book.

Don't psych yourself out first semester, it does get better.