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    New Nurse having trouble with Techs

    You left out 1 bit of info. 1. What was the tech busy with? Techs have to prioritize also. From not leaving a patient in a wet bathroom alone, feeding a patient, 2 different patients passed a BM, and they need to be cleaned. If she was busy with someone who needed immediate care than you need to take the patient down. If she wasn't busy with someone who needed immediate attention ask her to take the patient down before or after depending on the situation. Respect is needed from everyone. Tech are nurse assistants, but also a part of a team to good health care for a client. Everyone is a team in the health field and respect from every person is needed. Respect is not important your degree is not important the patient is important! If you are working as an RN than you don't need to remind anyone what special things you have done, because that has nothing to do with what you went to work for. If it is an issue with the staff talk to them first. If it continues go to the next person in the chain of command, but be fair! Don't abuse your power, because when you treat a person good you'll get the same treatment. However, if that's not the case take to the manager. I have been a tech for 3 years, and I will be a RN next year. Use the johari's window when you are in a situation. "Things others don’t know about me, Things others know about me, Things I know about myself, and Things I don’t know about myself." Respectfully try to figure each and every window, so you can make a better approach to a situation. Hope I helped. :-)