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  1. dutchie

    End of an assignment

    Mine will be ending soon also. I was told I should get a reference before I leave. Is there a generic form or do I use agency specific? Taking pics and making a scrapbook sounds like a good idea too!
  2. dutchie

    Good and Bad paying states?

    I have heard that some states pay better, in general, than others. I know it depends on specialty and travel company, etc.... but what states have you found to pay well overall? What states pay not so well?
  3. dutchie

    What to bring to unfurnished apt

    The air mattress sounds like it could work. Easily portable at least. And I like simple. The quotes I got were at a TX apartment. Furnished did include everything except cable/internet.
  4. dutchie

    What to bring to unfurnished apt

    I am debating whether to get a furnished or unfurnished apartment. Seems easier to get furnished of course, but the difference in rent is over $600/month. I understand about picking up some cups and plates at the Goodwill, but what about furniture? I would be on the 3rd floor apartment so picking up a chair and bed would not be easy. Nor would other conveniences like a nightstand or kitchen table. I don't need much, but I do need some things! What do you bring? What do you purchase? And what do you do about furniture if you don't get a furnished place? Thanks!
  5. dutchie

    Which comes first...

    So after finding a good location, should I ask about pay and housing before I interview? I will be traveling with pets so housing may be an issue. Also, with "regular" jobs, pay isn't really discussed until after an interview so I'm just trying to learn the traveling way :)
  6. dutchie

    Which comes first...

    I hope to be negotiating my first contract soon. I'm wondering which of these details should be discussed first. Location, Housing or Pay. Each will determine whether or not I take an assignment, but I'm not sure when to bring up each topic. Do I wait until I've accepted a position to discuss housing? Do I ask about pay before interviewing? I don't want to waste anyone's time but really each of those can be a deal breaker for me. What works best?
  7. dutchie

    medication aids

    They are using medication aides in my state. The rules are very specific regarding what they can and cannot do. They only pass pills, they don't do any treatments or mess with tubes and such. No narcotics either. This is leaving the LPNs more time to be with their patients, to actually go back and assess prn meds, and is cutting down on med errors since they are not being distracted during med passes. I don't think they're weeding out the LPNs, I think they're giving them a little help.