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How common is the PBDS testing? Should I expect to have to take this at each assignment or is it a rare hospital that requires it? I would like to travel to FL for the winter, is it common there?

Also, is this test a universal test or specialty specific? I work in psych, and therefore am not comfortable testing in cardiac, L&D, trauma, etc. I would definitely need a refresher!


Not so common, and it is not supposed to be pass/fail. But some hospitals use it that way for travelers - your agency should give you the scoop. They will probably elect to put you up in a hotel until you take it, then put you in an apartment. It should be specialty specific but some hospitals cheap out on it. Not sure if there is a psych module or not. PanTravelers has a good article on test taking strategies for this unusual test.

koalafiedRN, ASN, RN

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For travel assignments I have worked in Texas, Florida, Oregon, North Carolina, Delaware, and Nevada. I have only taken the PBDS test once in Dallas, TX. I passed thankfully, but the other nurse who was taking it did not and she was asked to leave. :( I know they use PBDS for some hospitals in Dallas and most hospitals in Houston. I have an aunt who was a Nurse Manager in Florida and she says that they use it in Miami at her hospital to measure a nurse's experience and not to pass or fail them for a job. I usually try to avoid assignments that require PBDS testing. I don't like the idea of having to turn around and go back home if I "fail" the test.

I also am concerned about traveling across the country and failing a test. I know my stuff, but that is some pressure! I wonder if a company would help you get back home. More questions for the recruiters. I would just rather avoid this test if possible. Thanks for the info.

bagladyrn, RN

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This is why, despite having taken and passed PBDS twice (when it was sprung on me unawares) I will not take a contract which requires it. The stress of the possibility of finding oneself far from home with a cancelled contract is too much.

I ask specifically about PBDS and other required testing when interviewing now.