RV traveling


I searched and saw only old threads on RV travel.

Anyone have an opinion on whether this is a good option considering gas prices and availability of RV camp sites?

Also as a single female traveler, are RV sites generally safe?

I will be traveling with 3 small dogs and RV traveling sounds like fun as well as practical with the animals.

Anyone care to share their experience/opinions?


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It is a good option, especially if your dogs like it. RV parks are pet friendly, and generally safe as neighbors look out for one another. Some RV parks are located in areas where locals target them for theft, but I've not heard much about targeting women. Your neighbors are so close just a yell would bring them running.

I don't think gas prices are a deal breaker, but doing travel nursing by RV will not save money over regular travel nursing. It is about the lifestyle, don't do it to save money. RV parks, RVs, and RV maintenance (and gas) are all expensive.

Anything you read on old threads will be true today. For more information, Google RV forums and look for the fulltimers subforums. You may find a few travel nurses on those forums, but the info provided transcends professions so it doesn't matter.

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We travel in an RV. I believe trackhead on here does also. My dh and I have a Class A motorhome. We have had no problems finding secure, desirable RV parks in our adventures. I'm sitting in one now. Safe, secure, quiet and quite pretty location with free wi fi :)

As Ned said, the RV lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle and often does not save you money. However, I have met people who have remodeled modest RVs they have paid cash for and live roaming about the country being paid by RV parks to be "camp hosts" or caretakers. They pay only for their food, RV insurance, misc items. All utilities and space rent is provided by the RV park. As for travel nursing, I review the area surrounding each possible contract and determine if it is a viable option by the RV parks in the area. I'm not going to bother interviewing for a contract if the only safe RV park is 40 miles away.

Good luck, it's doable. We've met plenty of single woman doing it.


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I have been traveling for three years just passed my second assignment I bought a travel trailer and love it. It is always packed and if I don't like the RV park I go some where else. It is large enough to enjoy any small enough to pull with a six cylinder car

And as for creature features I have a portable hot spot for the internet and sattelite tv from Dish network that has a program that is month to month for RVers . I use the tailgater antena just set it out and it will automatically lock onto the satellite. I would recommend the system to all who travel this way . My travel trailer has everything I need, cooking area , bathroom, eating and sleeping area. It is also a cheap way to travel to an assignment at night you can park at Wallmart . And on two assignments the hospitals allowed me to park it in their parking lots and let me tap into their electric. I was also able to shower and use the facilities bathroom. My recruiter made it part of my contract . It was a win win situation . I still got the full stipine .