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  1. Working Nights On Med-Surg

    Sometimes pts are waiting in the ER for the doctors to c and waiting for consults and admission or transfer orders, so they will just come anytime whenever they r ready. Hospitals are 24 hrs 7 days. The good thing about night shift is that most of th...
  2. Nurse to nurse communication

    The 3 nurses that who got bumped are way better than the "new"ones who came to our floor even though they have less experience. so in nursing, experience is not the most important thing, experience won't make u a better nurse if they dun have a good ...
  3. Nurse to nurse communication

    the hospital that i am working at right now just closed one of the unit. On the floor that I work(medical ward), 3 of the new nurses got bumped and 5 of the "new" nurses came in. They all have like 20+yrs of experience in LTC, when they get started t...
  4. Verification of NG tube placement

    After the insertion of the NG tube the pt will go for x-ray to confirm the placement, after the placement is confirmed the nurse will put a black mark on the tube closed to the nostirl, and measure the length of the tube from the exit site to let say...
  5. Assertiveness being seen as aggressive

    It depends whether if the person who asks u to do something is "really" busy or just being lazy. If the person is busy I will help with no problems
  6. Assertiveness being seen as aggressive

    There is always a reason why people complain, I am pretty sure not only one pt had complaints on u, if not the manager would not pick on u all the time. Reflect on ur behaviours first. As we know the tone of voice, facial expression and gestures(poin...
  7. Quebec to Ontario

    Hi I'm a RN in Quebec who has bachelor degree, and I passed the licensing exam in Quebec. I would like to know if I work in Ontario do I need to do the CRNE? Thank you. :loveya:
  8. Hi everyone, I am from Montreal, Is anyone here doing the post RN BScN program at University of Ottawa? How is the program like? Do we still attend the classes at Vanier college? Thank you very much for answering the questions~:redpinkhe
  9. Quebec exam

    If you are talking about the OIIQ exam, Yes, you can do it in english!
  10. Hi, everyone, I'm from Montreal, I am planning to do by Bac through Internet. Is anyone here who is taking a long distance post RN BScN program? I have a list of school, but I don't know which one is better. Or you have any ideal long distance online...
  11. Need help with nursing CV

    hi! I'm a student nurse and i will graduate in May. I need help writing the CV and Cover letter, can anyone tell me what needs to be included in the CV and cover letter? Thx for help
  12. need help for CV

    Can anyone tell me how to write a good nursing CV and the cover letter? Thank you for your help!
  13. Quebec OIIQ Exam

    Is there anyone who did the Quebec OIIQ exam? I would like to know what is the OSCE ( the role-playing) about? Can anyone gives me the scenario? Thank You very much for your help! (I'm graduating soon) ^.^
  14. Family medicine

    Hi eveyone~ I'm going to start my internship on a family medicine ward. Can anyone tell me what is the different between the regular medical ward and the family medicine ward? Thank for your reply! :paw:
  15. :welcome: I'm going to start the internship in 2 wks, can anyone gives me some advice from where i should start with. med, surg, ICU, ER, Geriatric, postpartum. My choice is either med or surg, b/c i think i will learn more from it. but i ' m here...