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A wife, mother of two and a nursing student

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  1. bluesky74

    Random Question

    Hi I have been a LPN in GA for two years and work primarly med/surg although there are times that I go to other departments like the ICU. At the hospital in which I work we are tested on our knowledge and skills and the higher your grade and skill level is what makes you more valuable to other departments, also to work in the ICU your knowledge of meds and cardiac care are thoroughly reviewed. The only thing we can not do in the ICU as a LPN is adjust doses on some of the drips. Anyway I love going to the ICU it is always a learning time for me.
  2. bluesky74

    college network

    Hi Guys, Anyone currently doing there RN with the college network or any other self paced learning school? If so how's it going? Can you tell me a little about it? Thanks! Bluesky Lpn:p
  3. bluesky74

    Hospice LPN?

    hi all, can anyone tell my if a lpn can work in hospice? we were talking about it during a break at the hospital where i work and some thought only rn's could work hospice because of insurance reasons. i don't see why i can't work under an rn?? does anyone know about this? thanks.:redpinkhe bluesky74
  4. bluesky74

    Roll Call: Introduce Yourselves, LPNs!

    hi all, i graduated in june 2oo7, and started working med/surg aug. 22nd 2007. i have two children and a wonderful husband. "life is good." i enjoy my work, and i enjoy my play. think somethimes about going back to school, i think my god will let me know when and if that time comes. i truley think we are where we are for a reason. :redpinkhe bluesky74
  5. bluesky74


    Hi guys, I have been a LPN duing med/surg for about 6 months. Sometimes I have as many as 6 pt (I know this may not be alot for some) at a time. The problem I'am having is charting and proper documentation and using correct wording that sounds professional. Also doing it in a timely manner. Sometimes I get so far behind In my charting that I'am there long after my shift is over. If anyone has any tips I will be so thankful.
  6. bluesky74

    Keeping up with meds

    I'am in need of some advice on how to stay on time with my meds. Say 3 pt's all have 3 meds due at 1800 how do some of you more experienced stay on schedule? Do you pull a little before time and begin early? Do you start with the pt. whose meds may be more important? I just need to here some ways of the wise!
  7. bluesky74

    First Day

    Hey guys, I was wondering if someone with some exp. can help me out? How do you go about giving meds to your pt's who have them at for the same times. Say 3 pt's have meds at 1600 do you pull them a little early get organized and give them then chart they have been given or what?? Just need some good ideas on how to go about meds. Thanks:nuke:
  8. bluesky74

    First Day

    Hey, I kinda know how you feel. I have been at my job for 3 days (med/surg) and the first day I followed someone and helped with assessments and charting the next day I was assigned a pt in which I just pulled meds to get a feel of the pixis, the third day I had my own pt. an easy pt. thank goodness. I know that I will continue to have at least one or two pt. for awhile not sure how long thou hopefully untill I feel comfortable. There is so much to learn and I mean just the basic stuff. So this is what I'am going to do, concentrate keep organized and ask questions no matter what or how stupid I think they might be. Good luck to you.
  9. bluesky74

    First Day

    Hi everyone, Went to school, past my boards, and tonight is my first night on my new job! Med/Surg 3-11 and I am so nervous. I know I will be with another nurse for awhile but if anyone has any suggestions I'am always up for extra info from the more experienced.Thanks. Bluesky74 LPN
  10. bluesky74

    NCLEX Test

    Hi everyone just wanted to say I PASSEDthe 2 days they make you wait for your results are pure torture. I want to say thanks to all of you, it's good to know that we are able to be here and support one another. Good luck to those of you who are still in school or waiting to take the nclex. I can't wait to start my new career and see what life has in store for me.