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  1. Can you help the community out by sharing and signing this petition? http://chng.it/VGd6q2Wg
  2. dep8

    After nursing school

    Hello everyone any tips on when to apply for the NCLEX and the ultimate question what do I do after graduation. You guys have any tips of any hospital califoria BAy area or so cal. People say to get into med surge first, but how long thanks..... anyone able to refer to hospital, I am thining of taking a trip to different hospitals to see where I may want to go. thanks
  3. dep8

    Student nurse scholarships

    Hello everyone I was hoping to find out if anyone can send me links for scholarships. I will be hopefully graduating in dec 2009. I have been searching for scholarships:typing with no luck. thanks
  4. dep8

    Nursing Essay

    Thank you. For some reason I had a hard time formatting the essay in the forum.
  5. dep8

    Nursing Essay

    From a young age I would help my mom with work at xxxxx Hospital in xxxxx, California. I still remember watching her take care of patients. My mother would cheer up patients by conversing with them and making sure they were feeling well--she had great bedside manner. She introduced me to the patient and she would tell me how great of a person my mother is. From this day forth I have always been intrigued by medical occupations. I specifically idolized someone close to my heart--my mom--who exposed me to the nursing field. The person who has most influenced my ambition to become a nurse is xxxxx, my mother. For several years she worked as a nurse. But a few years ago she herself became a patient when we found out she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She still continues to work as a nurse to provide for my family and help the sick. She exemplifies hope, endurance, and benevolence. Her example showed me the value of giving back to the community and especially to people in need. At the age of 23 when I visit my mom's work, the recollections of her being praised by patients has shifted over to her coworkers. They say how much they look up to her. They constantly remind me of how lucky I am to have a mother like her. They say she is an inspiration to mothers and breast-cancer survivors. Another reason why I want to become a nurse is because of my father. My father was diagnosed with heart disease all his life. He was diagnosed to pass away at 12, but he still lived to have me and later passed when I was two years old. This really affected my need to be in the medical field as a nurse because I want to be in a position where I can help save lives by promoting and supporting patients to pursue a healthier lifestyle Throughout my educational career I have grown to appreciate my mother as a person and as a nurse. When I was a carefree eighth grader in middle school, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She battled breast cancer with all her heart for years while I attended high school then college. Her struggle as a four-time breast cancer survivor has long since influenced my perspective about how strong and dedicated she still is to provide for her family. To this day, she is still working to provide a better education for my brother and I. She has taught my brother and me the values of caring for anyone in need of help, regardless of their background. She is active in the community with breast cancer patients. She has also provided for the homeless and sick. She is also an active church member where she sings choir. She is active in all these areas as a mom, worker, and community volunteer. Through her example, she gave me the drive, the motivation, and the dedication to help people in need. She showed me how to be a strong person. I have learned to persevere through adverse situations. I hope to work in the ER and ICU. I also envision joining the Peace Corps as a nurse in the future. I have been involved in the community as a community activist, volunteer in helping the elderly, and tutoring children. I have also worked as a volunteer at Highland Hospital in the Emergency Department. I was able to clean, help patients in the ER, and also receive basic life support training. In addition to the ER I was able to volunteer in the labor delivery department assisting the nurses. In college I was also able to get clinical hours on Paramedic Advance Life support experience with an EMT and Paramedic. I was able to give air ventilation manually to a cardiac arrest patient and also assist in helping an epileptic child. I decided to stay in school longer than most students in order to gain valuable experience in the community, non-profit-organizations and the workplace. I have always felt an inherent desire to help people in need of medical and personal assistance. Through these involvements I empowered myself culturally and politically. In addition to working in various jobs these involvements enabled me to have a holistic college experience. I was able to strengthen the community as well as my resolve to continue to dedicate myself to becoming a nurse. I hope to combine the nursing degree and EMT so I may better help people in emergency situations.My mother influences these experiences with the medical field. She engulfed me with the knowledge of taking care of people. She is the reason I have grown to love the medical field, especially nursing. I want to help those in need of medical care, especially cancer patients and all people (children and adults) with terminal illnesses. I want to be there by helping them have a friend by their side who they can talk to, just as my mother did. Nursing is my passion. I hope to live and breathe it as my profession. If I was able to do it as a volunteer without pay I would do that to make it a part of my life. I want to become like my mom; loving, caring, strong, resilient, inspiring to help others in need of medical care regardless of her own fight against cancer. I hope to take care of people with terminal illnesses and to be strong and have the same perseverance as my father did with heart disease. I am a hard-working and goal-oriented person who does things not to accumulate wealth, but to help people. I want to become a nurse because I want to make an impact in my community and in the world. And most importantly, I want to follow my mother's example of selflessness: To help others even if I cannot help myself.
  6. dep8

    If You Got Your Letter Post Here!!!

    Samuel Merritt College BSN nursing program Spring 2008 Class
  7. Thanks guys congrats to the folks getting in or in rhe process. Keep your head up. Does anyone know how it will be for the spring 2008 semster in merritt?
  8. dep8

    Samuel Merritt

    hey guys I got into the program for 2008 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  9. I got accepted to Samuel Merritt College for the transfer BSN program. This was my primary college of choice and I got it. I also applied to 7 other colleges, but who caRES.yeeeeeeeeee Anyone know what happens from here and how is my first semester at this college. In start in spring 2008. Anyone else joining me. finally :welcome:

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