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  1. Medical Assistant During Nursing School?

    Hi! Thank you for responding! Are you MAs certified or not? I recently applied for a medical assistant job in a derm clinic with no prior medical experience except in nursing clinical. Do you think it would be beneficial if I am certified as a MA or ...
  2. Hi everyone! 🙂 Has anyone worked as a medical assistant during nursing school? Do you think it was beneficial for you? If so, all of your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Failed First Semester

    Hi Everyone, I feel comfortable saying this here but I just failed fundamentals. I was extremely close to passing with a 75% but I missed by a few questions. I have never failed a college course before until nursing school. First semester was in...
  4. Failed 3 Exams

    No study guide is given, the only review we have is a kahoot and I don't think that really prepared me. I have a mixture of test anxieity and ability to go past basic info and utilizie it in a critical thinking way. I am unsure what resources to use....
  5. Failed 3 Exams

    Hello my nursing students! I am currently a first-year semester nursing student. I don't have the most supportive or encouraging professor which is unfortunate. Every time I try to communicate with her, she'll respond, "Go ask the students who p...
  6. First Year Nursing Student

    Hello my fellow student nurses, I am currently taking fundamentals of nursing. How did you all study effectively to achieve the grade that you wanted in the class? Thank you!
  7. Nursing School and Working?

    Thank you to everyone who responded. All of your responses were helpful and I applaud all of you who were able to manage working excessive hours on top of your nursing courses. You are all strong individuals! I wish you all well! :))
  8. Nursing School and Working?

    Hello to my current and future nurses, I was wondering for those who experienced doing nursing school, as well as working part-time? Do you think it's feasible? The job I am currently working is as a student ambassador (work-study) so I cannot ...
  9. College of lake county/Illinois

    Okay, thank you for notifying me! I truly appreciate your advice and will apply for Spring 2022! I wish you nothing but the best on your nursing journey! ❤️
  10. College of lake county/Illinois

    It's all about perserverance and dedication! YOU. CAN. DO. THIS! FIGHTING! Good luck! I recieved in the 90's percentile and unsure if I shoudl re-take it to recieve a higher score? I am unsure if more applicants apply in the Spring or Fall? ?
  11. College of lake county/Illinois

    I already completed the pre reqs and recently took the NLN-PAX exam to apply for Spring since I past the fall deadline LOL! I am unsure if it's a competitive score considering it varies every semester! ? Also, congrats! How is nursing school at...
  12. College of lake county/Illinois

    Hey! Did you get into the fall? :))
  13. Hello everyone! For those who recently got accepted into the CLC's nursing program (current or past), what were your NLN-PAX scores? I know it varies each semester, but I would like to have an idea of what score would be considered competitive? ...
  14. NLN-PAX Exam

    Hello my fellow nursing students! I'm about to apply for my community college's nursing program, and it requires me to take the NLN-PAX exam. If you guys are willing to share some tips on how to effectively study for the NLN, as well as your co...

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