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Hello my fellow student nurses,

I am currently taking fundamentals of nursing. How did you all study effectively to achieve the grade that you wanted in the class? Thank you! 

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Before the lecture (preferably the day before or earlier) I would go to the end of the chapter questions and try to answer those by skim-reading until I found them and write the answers down. The power points were given to us so I would read those and only write what I thought was important down or that might get asked. The power points also had questions every few slides so I would try to answer those. I also was in a group with my classmates so we would quiz each other. If I had time I also tried to read as much of the chapter beforehand as I could but in my program I was also taking several other classes at the same time so for me I had to set priorities based on which exam was soonest or was worth the most points.

Hope that helps!