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  1. Mental Breakdown part 3

    Update to me quitting my last nursing job after about 4 months on the job and 1.5 months LOA after which I could not return due to such high anxieties. I have been struggling quietly with depression/anxiety for at least 16-17 years now. I quit my sub...
  2. I spoke with my nurse manager, did not give too much information as to why I was resigning but just that I am going through a difficult time right now that requires I resign from my position effective immediately. He seemed very understanding. Sent o...
  3. I am in a very similar situation. I've had problems with anxiety/depression since I was a teenager, but never really acknowledged it by getting help because it is such a shameful thing. I remember telling my mom about it once when I was a teenager, t...
  4. Mental Breakdown part 2

    This is somewhat a continuation of my previous post here. Summary: I've worked in LTC/subacute nursing for about 4.5 years, quit with 4 weeks notice and took a few months off to try to focus on myself and heal from what felt like already complete hat...
  5. Mental Breakdown

    So here I am about 4.5 months into a new hospital nursing job. Background: I've done subacute/LTC setting about 4.5 years, left with 1 months notice and took about 2-3 months off after to just try to cope and relax, then got hired in the hospital set...
  6. Moving to MD Soon...Need Some Guidance?

    Hey Dani_Mila, actually I am not really faring that well. I am basically about to quit today if I cannot get an emergency leave of absence, which would put me in the "quitting without notice" bucket and put me back about 4.5 months so far that I've a...
  7. Hello everyone, this is my first time ever on allnurses.com so please bear with me as I really hope I am doing this right. So a little background on myself and my situation: I graduated nursing school in NJ in 2016 with my BSN. I've worked as a nurse...