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    License Reciprocacy

    Hi! I am torn between getting my RN license in CA and then applying for reciprocity in Massachusetts where I am set to move in the next couple months. The reciprocacy/ ATT process is very quick in MA from what I hear and I am planning on moving back to CA in 2-3 years, but never know how I will like moving to a new city. There is a small possibility I end up staying in CA and not making the move if the job opportunities available in MA aren't in line with what I'm looking for as a new grad RN. Can anyone explain this process and maybe steer me? If I was to get my license in CA and get reciprocacy in MA would my license technically be valid in both states? Thanks so much for your time reading this!!
  2. Hi Everyone, I am needing some advice from the nursing family over in Mass! I am moving to Boston to join my boyfriend after I graduate from my BSN program in a few weeks. Our plan is to be there for 3-5 years and eventually move back to California to raise a family (unless we absolutely fall in love) which very well may happen 🙂 I am deciding whether it will be better to apply for my nursing license through Massachusetts BRN or if it would be better to test here in California then transfer my license once I arrive in Boston. Has anyone gone through a similar process or familiar with how long it takes to test in Massachusetts and/or how long the process of reciprocity takes? The goal is to be able to be able get my license and quickly to be able to start working, but also allow me to come back to California without a complicated process. Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this and offer your thoughts.
  3. SJP11

    Boston Children's New Hire Medication Exam

    Congratulations on your new position!! I am in the process of moving to BOS from California and my dream is to work at Boston Children’s. I would love to hear any insight or advice you’d be willing to share ❤️