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FlameHeart has 4 years experience as a CNA and specializes in Home Health Care.

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  1. FlameHeart

    Addressing the Nursing Burnout Crisis

    The problem is obvious: too many patients per provider: Doctor, Nurse, CNA, etc. The solution is simple: hire more staff and assign less patients per provider. Where do we get the money for this? Um, Hospitals are FOR PROFIT, take it out ...
  2. FlameHeart

    Working Under a MD or DO as a NP

    I had some questions. I'm planning to in the future about 10 or so years from now moving somewhere extremely rural and building a Homestead, after getting my BSN and some years of traveling and marriage, and live on it with other married ...
  3. FlameHeart

    Training with Weighted Dummies

    Just because I prefer not to take care of certain types of difficult patients does not make me any less compassionate. Compassion is not the same as capability. I have met people in my life I was unable to take care of because...
  4. FlameHeart

    What's something you never expected as a male nurse?

    I never expected to get supposedly treated differently because I'm a Man by the patients. I've worked with Patients both in Home Health Care and in a Nursing Home that other people have said screamed at others of the female gender. In 1 cas...
  5. You have to look at this from a realistic point of view: You're used to caring for 1 Patient for 12 Hours right? That means they were probably very acute needing skilled Nursing for a long time per day. That gives you alot of experienc...
  6. FlameHeart

    Finding Churches that Support Fighting COVID19

    I'm very simple, God showed me he is real and I followed him and read his Word The Holy Bible ever since. I put him and his Word as authority above everything and sometimes I find the churches and Pastors and even people who call themselv...
  7. FlameHeart

    Hard to Get hired as a CNA

    I worked in Home Health Care for 2 years in Hawaii and now I live in California and recently got my CNA Certification. I tried working in a Nursing Home, but I just couldn't care for the amount of patients they gave me. I'm no...
  8. I'm not a Nurse, but currently a California Certified Nurse Aide. Before I became a CNA, a few years ago I worked in Home Health Care in Hawaii as a Home Health Care Aide that didn't require me to have any license or registration. The company I ...
  9. FlameHeart

    Finding Churches that Support Fighting COVID19

    Alot of the church of Christ everywhere need psychology help and to read their bibles, because they think if they ignore COVID19 it will go away. Ironically this idea didn't originate from a place of true faith but from political devotion to a F...
  10. FlameHeart

    Finding Churches that Support Fighting COVID19

    Agreed 100%. I do not like the pope or alot of the practices of Catholicism. But one my good friends is a Catholic and we agree on the core Gospel of Christ and I am glad the Catholics as an organization at least are encouragi...
  11. FlameHeart

    Finding Churches that Support Fighting COVID19

    Matthew 7 Jesus said, 1“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. 3“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in y...
  12. I have high metabolism, skinny and boney, might have Celiac Disease and IBS (in the process of being tested), am vegetarian, and I try to live Zero-Waste (only recycle or compost, never trash), how do I build just enough muscle and some fat to cover ...
  13. FlameHeart

    Finding Churches that Support Fighting COVID19

    I've made my concerns known to one of the Elders who said he'd bring it up next staff meeting but nothing changed. Denominations are selfish cliques that shouldn't exist like Paul says in 1 Corinthians 1. I am a child of God YahWeh and a fo...
  14. FlameHeart

    Finding Churches that Support Fighting COVID19

    COVID19 has proven to kill people and one of the FIRST 10 commandments is "Do not murder". But the 2nd Greatest commandment is to "Love your neighbor as yourself." Anyone who chooses to come to church without a mask or takes it off at any t...
  15. FlameHeart

    Finding Churches that Support Fighting COVID19

    What's even worse is other Christians, not me!, claiming "it isn't real" or just something the government made up to control us more and "shut our faith down", I'm living proof this isn't true when can do just about everything we did before COVID19 w...