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FlameHeart has 3 years experience as a CNA and specializes in CNA.

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  1. FlameHeart

    The Failure of Modern Healthcare due to Administration

    It is never right when a Christian tries to force someone to believe in Jesus. If they said what they believe and the patient rejected it or asked them to stop then they shouldn't bring it up again. Even Jesus had this attitude and approach, he didn't go chasing after people who came to him and after hearing what he had to say, they left, he let them go. This is my way of doing things to. I bring it up and if they tell me to stop, I respect their wishes and don't bring it up. Everyone has a faith or philosophy of some kind that's important to them that they sometimes feel the need to tell others, but no matter what we do we can't force our beliefs or philosophies on each other but we can speak about them and if either of us don't wish to continue the conversation then we should respect each other's wishes as fellow Human beings.
  2. FlameHeart

    The Failure of Modern Healthcare due to Administration

    Love you. I'll pray for you. No need to be hateful, but that's your choice. I've never raised my hand to a patient but you would physically assault me (spit counts as assault) for words? And I'm the one with the problems? I don't think so, if you are secure in your own self and beliefs you would not care what I say. They're just words. If I ever took care of you and you made it clear to me that you didn't want to hear about Jesus, then I wouldn't speak to you about him and I would still take care of you the best I could the way a friend would. Much love fellow Human.
  3. FlameHeart

    The Failure of Modern Healthcare due to Administration

    I called and asked about shadowing and they're not doing that right now. I did apply for Progressive Care Units and ICUs as a CNA, but also in the Neonatal ICU as a Instrument and Equipment Aide which requires no experience so I mostly might get that job before I do the other positions. Working with babies I think would be easier as they are innocent and I don't need to tell them about Jesus, I know babies die sometimes in the ICU but I am comforted knowing they are all going straight back to God.
  4. FlameHeart

    The Failure of Modern Healthcare due to Administration

    Thank you. Some people get so offended when they hear "Jesus" or "God". Look we're all adults here, we can choose listen or not listen, sick or dying or not. The first patient I ever got paid for died as Agnostic as far as I know although we had many good talks about Jesus. His death tortured me until after much prayer God told me "He made his choice." and God gave me peace after that. We do what we can to spread the truth, but everyone has the choice to either accept it or refuse it and they are the ones who will pay the price their decisions. I always bring up Jesus when a patient is going to die or sometimes the conversation just leads into that because of who I am, but I am always a friend to people and it devastates me when they die not knowing Jesus because I know ehere they're going but they died knowing me as a good friend who went above and beyond what I was paid to do for them because I not just their Caregiver, I am their friend.
  5. FlameHeart

    The Failure of Modern Healthcare due to Administration

    Thanks, another person who gets it! I got alot of characteristics that make me think ICU may be a good fit for me. I'm willing to try it out.
  6. FlameHeart

    The Failure of Modern Healthcare due to Administration

    First paragraph and next sentence: yup. 2nd paragraph: I did inform the LVN she was very empathetic and willing to listen. I think he's in good hands with her. 3rd paragraph: Nope. I was clear that the patients needed more care than I could give to all 9 of them in 8 hours and I do think even the care they do get from other CNAs on the other shifts is not enough as the patients themselves told me this and the ones I was able to help really liked me. As for your last sentence and paragraph: I disagree. If you aren't willing to get personal with your patients you can't take care of their emotional needs as a person that gets almost no visitors and just wants someone to acknowledge their existence and to talk to them as a person and not as a job. As for my choice of revealing my identity, I'm not scared and I consider anonymity dishonest. That being said I did hide my last name to keep in line with the rules of this forum. Also the hospital I applied to has probably 100's of people working there and hospitals especially ICU units don't have alot of long term patients.
  7. FlameHeart

    Is Anonymity Important to You?

    The world is getting crazier and more hateful. I disagree with the mentality being pushed on the public to get rid of all Police and let chaos and gangs rule as well as the idea that all Police and all White people are hateful oppressors of black people. Dismantling the government and police and erasing history will only turn us into another Mexico and I don't want to live there. Yes the Law must be kept and those who enforce it are not above the Law but should be held to even higher standards as the example. The media are sharks who smell the blood of scandal and go into feeding frenzies. The evidence of our society having more good Cops than bad Cops and more good government than bad government and increasingly better racial relationships is the fact that crime isn't near as bad as other countries and I don't have to carry a gun everywhere I go and I get free food and medical coverage from my government if I am under the poverty line and I have almost never been discriminated against as a brown person. Don't believe everything you hear on the news and from extreme terrorist groups that start riots of destruction and violence. Martin Luther King Jr. would be ashamed of his people if he was alive today, not just black people but all people in this country for we are one nation under God and one people and we need to start acting like it. "Hate can never defeat hate. It's a neverending cycle. Only love can defeat hate. Judge by character and not skin color." is the message he preached and the message the world needs today. You're not the only privileged one, we all as US Americans are, and most are so ignorant to severe oppression and slavery and starvation and illness and hardships they reject the very institutions and people who work in them everyday such as Police Stations and Hospitals that work hard to maintain their protective from many evils delusional bubble of blissful ignorance and entitlement and arrogance. Seriously, US Americans needs to wake up and go look what is happening in other countries for hundreds of years and go live there for awhile and then they might realize just how much they have to be grateful for the people who came to this land and worked to make it what is today and grateful for wgat they have in today's age of this country. And instead of obsessing every day over the bad and trying to tear it down, work hard to make it better through love and free choice not forced education of hatred and disarming our protectors and ignoring our Healers.
  8. FlameHeart

    Is Anonymity Important to You?

    You have a good heart, that's why you feel like that. In Medicine there are no "harmless" or "pointless" mistakes, it all matters because every patient is a person and everything from if someone acknowledged their existence and talked to them even if they can't talk back they probably often can hear you even in a coma to keeping their BP low to making sure they have enough oxygen. It ALL matters and this is why care outside the ICU goes downhill, because the management think that just because a patient is more physically stable that they deserve less attention and resources and staff, WRONG! People are nothing but a means to gain money for profit to Modern Medical Administration, it's like a bunch of people who had no understanding of Medicine and no compassion whatsoever for people got together and decided to get into managing Healthcare in the last 80 years and said, "Let's make some money, always put people last! They don't matter for the most part, we only need to keep them barely alive to make money! Hahaha!" I've also been told I could get myself fired for some of the things I am honest about. One time I was working at at an American Italian Restaurant as a dishwasher and I get 1 free employee meal and the owner of the ice cream shop above my restaurant tried to get me to sell him my meal from the restaurant at a discounted price. I wasn't sure if that was OK or not, so I told my Manager and he said that was unethical and I could fired for that. I already thought this would be the case, but I told my manager anyways because that's the kind of honest person I am. He said I could give the ice cream shop owner my meal as a gift, but I can't make a profit selling the restaurant's meals at a discounted price under the table so to speak. So that's exactly what I did and I kept my job for 1 year until the restaurant closed down. The day I quit my Nursing Home job, I reported everything I did and even the fact another CNA abandoned her patient because she said he was yelling at her and being mean when he was in pain having a difficult BM in his diaper on the bed and he couldn't stand up and use the toilet on his own. Management had me strike that from the record as they called it a "walk away policy" and said he could get up and use the toilet himself. I'm still in disbelief over that, but I'm glad I was able to help him one last time even though I failed to care for 3 of my other patients without help. I honestly think some women just don't know how to talk to or understand some old men, that man was the second man I've been told was a yeller and mean. The first 1 I took care of in Home Health Care. Either some women are too sensitive or they are just lazy or manipulative liars or thieves especially in Home Health Care. Thank God most are not like that. You talk about your ethnicity, if you don't mind me asking you what is your ethnicity and what do you look like in words? I myself am exactly like my picture: brown, short black hair, brown eyes, glasses, hairy short skinny American Mexican man im 30's. Ironically I don't speak alot of Spanish, but I'm learning. I do think I get along better with most people as a brown American Mexican because there is so much hatred between black and white people while the rest of us ethic groups just move on with our lives and don't dwell in hatred like alot of the black and white people do. I'm an honest person because I am a son of God through Jesus so I represent him on earth and I am accountable to God who sees everything all the time. And I am not afraid to get fired or even killed, because I trust in God to protect me and if he doesn't then he's got better plans for me anyways and I know he will always provide me with what I need. Without him so many doors of opportunity would be closed to me and I would never even heard of some of them. No chances, no luck, no coincidence, only the hand of God at work!
  9. FlameHeart

    RN as CNA

    Same here, I've never worked in ICU before but I recently applied to 2 ICU positions and 1 Step Down as a CNA. From my understanding Nurses in these units do far more than other units except maybe ER because the patients are not always stable and need far more care that is why most Nurses in these units have about 1-3 patients. I recently quit my job working in a Nursing Home where I as a CNA had 9 patients to deal with as a standard minimum. The LVNS had the whole hall with 1 LVN and Wound Care Nurse per hall. The RNs were the Managers that liked to stay in their offices. Now that I think about it we could have used at least 1 more LVN per hallway as they mostly just passed of medication but of course that isn't without Documentation and it takes time while patients are asking for more pain pills or laxatives. Still I've read that 9 Patients a CNA is low in Nusting Home and the legal limit in California is 20. My capability of good patient care is a maximum of 3 at this time. In Hospitals it seems Nurses have far fewer patients as they are sicker needing treatment CNAs can't give them and CNAs have less or about the same as a Nursimg Home depending on the Acuity of the patients in the units. Generally it seems ICU is 1-3 Pat to RN, Step Down is 1-4, and Med-Surg is 1-5. For CNAs it seems Med-Surg is about 9-15 Pat to CNA, I'm praying to God in Jesus's name it is fewer in Step Down and ICU. I honestly think it seems CNAs have it easier than RNs in ICU as the RNs have to do far more and complicated things than CNAs do. This is the main reason I am applying to ICU, even though the pace and prospect of imminent death of the patient is intimidating I am still an drawn to the idea of being able to focus on a few patients as opposed to 9 or more I simply don't have the time for. I can take care of many things quickly, but when 5 patients all need their diapers changed while 4 others need my attention to, 8 hours and 1 me is simply not enough. Thank God I had 5 other staff members help me! I quit that same day. I don't promise people something I can't give them. That would make me a liar. If the original poster of this thread had to do all the things I would do as a CNA and do all the things that an RN has to do in an ICU to, I'd quit that job to. Even though they would be technically employed as a CNA, because of their training capability and license they would be REQUIRED to intervene whenever something should happen suddenly like a Code which is much more common in the ICU than in other units. Don't push our duties as a CNA as less important to the side during these times, yes you could be saving a life that is coding right now but us CNAs are the ones that take care of all the other patients that are left without care in that time of the code response and if we don't keep monitoring them and maintaining them as best we could they could code to and then you would have multiple codes maybe even at the same time if not one after another. Because guess what could happen: a patient codes and another is left on the bedpan, they fall off the bedpan and their tube pops out, now they're suffocating to death and they need immediate help to at the same time as this other patient who is coding. You see how a simple thing as pooping on the bedpan could quickly turn into an emergency? So yeah I don't blame the original poster for quitting. 10 Patients is way too much for a CNA in an ICU in my honest opinion, and as an RN you're also responsible for them in emergencies to which is common in ICU, that's death waiting to happen. Nope. Quit and report this homicidal manager ASAP. 5 patients max for a CNA in ICU and 1-2 for RNs I think seems far more possible.
  10. I recently quit my job working at a Nursing Home as a CNA. Out of the 8 patients I had my first and only full day of work plus the 1 additional I took on because he was abandoned by his CNA who wouldn't change his diaper because she didn't like the way he talked to her. Out of those 9, I was only able to fully properly take care of 3 of those patients, 3 were mostly independent, and the other 3 were taken care of by 5 other staff members. My eyes were opened to realize how much this modern Health Care system is managed to not actually work to fully and properly take care of most people as most people are in buildings like this and treated more like numbers than actual people. They give 9 patients to a CNA MINIMUM there but it can climb as high as 20 legally in California for 1 CNA. 12-15 is normal in Hospitals I am learning. I have heard from the patients themselves that they are not properly taken care of. For example you may have patients who wear diapers but they pooped in them and haven't been changed all morning. The system keeps most of them alive barely, but they suffer so much and can be traumatized by their treatment. A person needs not just their physical needs cared for, but they need to be treated as a person to and the system doesn't allow you to have enough time to do that for every person. Even then not all of their physical needs are met either. I can't work with this system and I realize neither can anyone else. Alot of people who work in this system do their best, but it's not good enough and it's the patients that suffer the most. But the staff suffer to because most people like me go into the Medical field because we actually care about people and we want to help them in any way we can so when we are given the work load it would take in reality 4 or 5 of us to do and you want 1 of us to do it it breaks our heart because we have 9 people who desperately want help but we simply can't meet all of their needs no matter how much time we are given and we know we have failed them and they deserve better than that. That's why I am not going to work in The Medical Field in direct patient care as a CNA until I pay back my parents what I owe them and save up $5,000 then they will give me a car and I can go back into Home Health Care. I worked in Home Health Care in Hawaii for 2 years as a Home Health Aide without required to have a CNA license, but in California you need at least a CNA license to do that (which I just got in mail after a month a half of school and passing the state tests). It is the complete opposite of most of the modern Health Care System in other places in many ways. You get hired by an agency, they pay you and depending on the agency they pay for your gasoline to fuel your car to. You need your own car because you have to drive yourself to your patient's home. You call your agency and they tell you who they have that needs help. You can ask as many questions as you want and you the right to refuse to care for anyone before you ever meet them. And if you work with the patient and they and you don't get along you can leave their home and tell your agency you can't work with them anymore. I had one patient one time who said Mary the mother of Jesus was not a virgin and Jesus and The Apostles were like hippies sleeping around with many people and I politely asked him not to talk about that stuff when I was working with him. He got very angry his face turned red and he said he refused to have anyone tell him what he can and can not do. So I went back home and the next day my Employers call me and wanted to suspend me because he told them lies that I said he was "The Devil". I prayed asking God to help me in my head as they talked to me. I told them to look at my record in my reputation with my clients I have had with them and believe me not this lying angry patient I had. They believed me and did not suspend me, but told me to avoid him. In Home Health Care you can choose who you will meet as your possible patient and if you get along then you work it out between you and the patient when the best days and times that work for the both of you to work together. So you set your own schedule then you sumbit it to your agency Supervisor aka Manager so they can know and keep track of you. You document what you do every day, go over it with the patient, and have your's and the patient's signature on it then you email it in to your agency and they log it in as your pay times and you get paid every 2 weeks. You do whatever you are able to, trained for, licensed for, and can legally do for that 1 single patient for as long as you both agree to according to the schedule you both set up and agree upon together with your agency manager being notified about it. I wasn't a CNA back then, but I did all the things I still do now as a CNA and more than that. I cooked, I cleaned, I bought groceries (they give you their card and info and list to buy for them), I changed diapers (for only 1 patient), I showered people (only men), I taught old men how to use modern technology like cellphones or tvs even set up their phones to work easier for them, I made phone calls on their behalf because they didn't have the patience or sometimes the ability to actually hear people they didn't know that well fully on the phone (mostly for Problems with their tv or phone or some thing else, tech support), I also made phone calls to set up their medical appointments and calls to their Health Insurance services to set up transportation for their medical appointments as they could not drive on their own, I acted as a go-between them and their health care providers and facilities, I went with them to their Medical appointments and made sure they understood everything and were properly taken care of, I called 911 for the ambulance when they needed it, I even brought them their mail while they were in The Hospital so they could pay their bills and not lose their homes and services while they were recovering in The Hospital (which by the way I was not payed for as the agency won't pay you as long as your patient is in the hospital but they had no one to help them so someone had to do that). Sometimes the patient just wants to be there to talk to them or listen to them or to watch a movie with them. They often don't have any family or friends who can stay with them and do all the things you do for them. They often live in government discounted apartments for the the poor and elderly or in their children's house sometimes or their own house alone. They often can not walk or drive their own cars or even own a car or vehicle. They often have no job or income and are retired and live on SSI and their health care is paid for by their insurance which can be Veteran's Affairs, HMSA, etc. and their insurance with a Doctor's recommendation note hire your Home Health Care Agency whom then pays you. I like this as they often don't have to pay my services out of pocket. Their insurance will even send transportation for their medical appointments to and from their house or apartment with you to ride along with them. I did this work for 2 years. I am a man of my Word that's why I don't make promises or commitments very easily or quickly. Every patient I care for I commit myself fully to in any way I can. When people have to be in a facility, it is great in many ways as they can be cared in ways that are not always possible by yourself with your level of skill and training and equipment, but they are often given top priority for emergency care then they are increasingly pushed to side as they get better in health. This is because modern Health Care is no longer properly managed and too many patients are given to every 1 CNA, RN, and even Doctor's which honestly have it the worst. Doctors are expected to see every patient no longer than around 11 minutes each when in the past they could take as long as they needed even hours for every patient. I just hope and pray that I can bring more awareness and be a part of a change of this mismanaged system which honestly is from the enemy not from God. We need lower Staff to Patient ratios, while it is true that there are often more patients than there are medical professionals we can't use that as an excuse to dump 9+ patients on 1 CNA and that's a low number from what I've read online the experiences of other CNAs who've had 15-30 or more patients they were responsible for all by themselves. Sure the other staff step in to help when they can, but in reality my Job Title and description is a joke. My job 90% of the time has NOTHING to do with "assisting" The Nurse as a "Certified Nurse Aide". In reality my job is to DO THE JOB of The Nurse for MOST of THEIR patients to as much as I can do within my training and legal limits leaving them (in my limited perspective) with THE EASY stuff like taking vitals, giving meds, doing wound care, etc. Nurses complain that 5 patients is "too" much for them to handle, they are completely out of touch with the reality of how us CNAs are treated by management and how we are drowning in patients while they complain about a mere 5 patients that they usually don't bathe, feed, reposition, change diapers for, get out of bed, get into bed, dress, etc. which doesn't need to be done "once" or even 3 times a day, some of these things happen all day long at various times! CNAs are like adult baby sitters which includes changing diapers at day care centers that are severely understaffed. Now multiply by that by 2 or 3 and you got a "normal" amount of patients for 1 CNA. Meanwhile not all of the patient's needs get taken care of. This needs to change. There will always be more sick people then there are people to take care of them. But the way we take care of people has to be the right way and if we take as much time as we need for each patient by giving each staff member only the number of patients they can handle then there will be less sick people as you can not possibly give the needed care to all patients for them to make a full recovery to independent stable health when you have too many patients and care gets split up and decreased over all the patients you have. In case you were wondering, this isn't a new concept. Dr. Victoria Sweet in her book God's Hotel tells her semi-biography of her work at a San Francisco Laguna Honda Hospital nicknamed "God's Hotel" of how things were run there before "Modern Healthcare Administration" took over to bring it up to "modern efficiency standards" by cutting the time with patients and the number of staff per patient declining the quality of the care for profits sake. In her TED Talk on Youtube in her own words, "In seeking to put patients first, they put patients last." Another Doctor along these lines is The Slow Medicine Doctor® Dr. Michael Finkelstein, MD. The concept isn't complex or difficult to understand, it is very simple: slow down and take care of each patient for as long and as much as they need physically and in any other way they need. Assign staff accordingly.
  11. FlameHeart

    Nurse-Patient ratios in rehab?

    Sounds like a recipe for massive death numbers, like a war when all the Medics get killed except a handful and you got 140 soldiers to patch up just so they don't die and can still hold a gun.
  12. FlameHeart

    Jobs for New Grad LVN

    Hi there. I'm in going into my 3rd week of CNA School with 3 more weeks to go and I'm already considering my future school for LVN once I move to Colorado Springs. My hope is to get at least 1 year of experience working as a CNA then go LVN, so studying and working 32-36 hours a week seems to be my future goal once I finish CNA school, get my CNA, work for 3 months in CA then make the move to Colorado Springs. I also want to study Musical Theatre at the same time. I'm choosing to take the longer route because I don't want to give up Musical Theatre just to commit to a 4 year BSRN Program. So I'm going CNA to LVN to RN to BSRN while working and studying Musical Theatre. I also got ministry work from God to do as I am a devout Christian. I'm in no hurry and I plan on taking as much time as I need to accomplish all of this. Every one of us has our own unique journey of life, other people can give you advice, but they can't live your life for you: you do. So it is up to you to decide how you want to live your life. I sense a similar attitude about LVN "not being good enough" or "just go straight to BSRN". I know every position in the medical field has it's own important role to play: CNA, LVN, RN, BSRN, NP, etc.
  13. FlameHeart

    What's something you never expected as a male nurse?

    I can't stand those kinds of channels! They are so boring and pointless! Home channels that is. Once in awhile is OK if I am in the mood, but all the time and I'm happier with no TV at all. I'm not into watching sports either, I'd rather play them. I like cartoons, comedy tv shows, and The Disney Channel.
  14. FlameHeart

    What's something you never expected as a male nurse?

    If you're going to use the name of Jesus (I bolded the word you used), I hope you're a Christian otherwise that is hate speech against Christians. Using the name of Jesus Christ in place of a curse word.
  15. FlameHeart

    What's something you never expected as a male nurse?

    There's nothing otherwordly about it. Murder and brokeness is deeply a apart of this world. I am going to CNA School next week then hoping to pass my CNA Exam then work in a Hospital. It must be hard not to hate people for their actions, but that doesn't mean you can't as a professional report something to the police. If it is something that will cause physical harm or has caused the death of someone, even psychiatrists are required to report certain things to The Police.
  16. FlameHeart

    Messianic and Tassels (Tzitzit)

    I follow God and Jesus, no one on Earth has the authority to say I don't have to keep his commandments, as this would put that person above God. Yes, I wash my tzitzit aka tassels, they stay on the clothing I put them on and they are thick and cotton so they can be washed alongside the scrubs as harshly as I need to wash them. I put hygiene as a high priority in patient care: that is why I have decided when I do get married I will not wear any rings, but the tattoos on my fingers will serve that purpose. I know Jesus did say The Law of Mercy is higher than The Sabbath, to preserve life, but I think some people may use that as an excuse to overwork themselves. I believe in emergencies, working on the Sabbath is OK, like working in The ER. I don't plan on working in The ER, so I don't plan on working on The Sabbath, unless for a short time I do work in The ER just to get the experience and skills.