Celiac, IBS, Vegetarian, Zero-Waste, High Metabolism weight gain?


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I have high metabolism, skinny and boney, might have Celiac Disease and IBS (in the process of being tested), am vegetarian, and I try to live Zero-Waste (only recycle or compost, never trash), how do I build just enough muscle and some fat to cover my boney ribs that stick out?


I don't eat meat, one reason is that I live in the city and it comes in dispoable plastic packaging this also rules out most kinds of non-fresh foods.

Possible Celiac rules out bread and pasta.

Possible IBS rules out raw foods and pastries.

I mostly buy fresh loose vegetables, fruits, and grains at the grocery stores.

I will also buy things in recyclable or compostable packaging (this rules out most cereals and even things in boxes often coming in plastic bags inside the boxes). 


I found 1 brand of cheese in recyclable packaging: Stater Bros.

I try not to eat any ice cream, pastries, etc. as I think something in their long list of ingredients is irritating my bowels.


I'm not lactose intolerant, but whole non-organic milk gives me bad gas, but Costco Organic Whole Milk Irritates me but Organic Valley Milk doesn't. I'm experimenting with 1% fat Organic Circle Milk.

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You are seeing a qualified PMP?

A consult with a specialized clinical nutritionist might be of help.

Make sure your diagnoses are confirmed and your lab work/diagnostics are being managed.

The reality may be that you might have to adjust some of your lifestyle practices to match your specific healthcare/dietary needs.

Take care of yourself.

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