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  1. I’m an LPN, I applied to an RN program in my area and just got my decision letter and got waitlisted. The school will not disclose where students are on the waitlist. Is this normal? Should I just wait it out or start looking at other options?
  2. I’m a newly graduated lpn and just got hired at a holistic health care center. We agreed upon a rate of pay and then a 2 dollar increase when I started doing IV work. She informed me the day I was hired I would get paid 18 dollars an hour for that da...
  3. Looking for opinions/advice

    Thank you both, I didn’t really think of getting malpractice insurance before but now I definitely am. I think another thing I was hesitant about was only being able to use a small portion of the skills I learned in school but as someone else said ab...
  4. Looking for opinions/advice

    I’m a new LPN graduate and applied to a job in a holistic health care center on a whim thinking I would never get a call back. Surprisingly I did and they wanted me for the job. The place is very small and only has a handful of people working there. ...
  5. Looking for advice

    I just graduated from an LPN program. I also hold a BFA that I got when I was in my 20’s. I’m 31 now. I know eventually I want to be a nurse practitioner. My question is should I continue on at a community college and do a LPN to RN bridge program an...
  6. Orientation for newly licensed nurses

    Thanks for the replies. I have about two weeks left of my program and I’m finishing up preceptorship in a nursing that’s very understaffed. It made me a little nervous to see one nurse to thirty patients because I’m so slow with things right now and ...
  7. I’m just wondering what the orientation phase has looked like for newly licensed nurses at new jobs and how long had it typically been? Also curious what kinds of jobs newly licensed lpns’s have taken.
  8. I’m almost done with my LPN program, I have about three months to go. I just started clinical last week. We had to do virtual clinical in place of sim lab over the Summer, so it has definitely been hard going from in class, to all online, back to in ...