Pay rate different for training period?


I’m a newly graduated lpn and just got hired at a holistic health care center. We agreed upon a rate of pay and then a 2 dollar increase when I started doing IV work. She informed me the day I was hired I would get paid 18 dollars an hour for that day since I was there the whole day and observed procedures. After receiving my first check I am still only getting paid 18 dollars an hour. I informed them of this and they told me that is the rate of pay until I am fully trained and on my own. This was not agreed upon. I’ve never heard of this before in any kind of job setting. Is this normal? I’m not sure what to do because otherwise I really like this job so far. 

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Normal? No. However, not unheard of, I have read accounts of nurses who had a lower rate of pay during their orientation which I think is a terrible practice. If you like this job and it's your first LPN job then I wouldn't quit over this, however I would be very mindful of the fact that they swindled you and go over your checks with a fine toothed comb. I would also require that they put in writing the date you will start earning your full pay.


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You should have been told how long the lower rate was going to actually apply, at the time you were hired.  While I would not quit at this point, I would definitely do what TMIML recommended as well as keep an eye out for any forthcoming opportunities.  You may find yourself desiring a change of employer sooner rather than later.