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What's up with the new grad RN pay? It's so low where I am (NH) and it seems to be non negotiable. Is this something that is usually negotiable? I have my LPN and I'm gonna be taking about a ten dollar pay cut if I want to get any experience at a hospital it seems.  

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The more things change the more they stay the same. It's been several years but the same thing happened to my Mom when she was working as a long-time LPN at a local hospital. Management tried to convince her to go back to school for her RN, even offered to pay for the degree which was a new thing back then. She would have taken a significant pay cut plus would have lost  the other perks seniority gave her as a union employee going from the high seniority, highest pay level LPN to no seniority,  entry-level RN pay. She was only about 5 years or so from retirement at the time so she passed on the offer.  

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