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New New Nurse Student
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flapjack017 has 2 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg.

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  1. flapjack017

    Hofstra FNP 2020

    I took my casper almost a month and half ago and still nothing. I've emailed them on any updates but nothing of as yet. I hope it comes soon! The suspense is killing me
  2. flapjack017

    Hofstra FNP 2020

    Is anyone still waiting to hear back from them?
  3. flapjack017

    New FNP Student PATHO

    Hello everyone! I am a new student who will be entering the FNP Program this fall! I am so excited to get back into school. I will be working full time which I am worried about. But I was wondering how you guys got through patho. Are there any books, videos or resources that you used to ace this class? How should I study? Any answers are appreciated. Thank-you so much!