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Hello everyone! I am a new student who will be entering the FNP Program this fall! I am so excited to get back into school. I will be working full time which I am worried about. But I was wondering how you guys got through patho. Are there any books, videos or resources that you used to ace this class? How should I study?

Any answers are appreciated. Thank-you so much!

Study based on your syllabus and your class assignments. Purchase the study guide if there is one available to match the textbook. Record lectures and listen to them when working out, when riding in the car, when waiting at the doctor's office, etc. Study to explain to someone else, not memorize. Don't try to remember the whole chapter, instead the key points and characteristics/patho of disorders.

Advanced patho isn't much different from undergrad patho, with the exception of learning from a provider's view vs nursing view. Meaning, along with learning about disorders, you'll learn about diagnosing and treating those disorders, example what tests you need to order, differential diagnoses, and how to narrow them down based upon the presenting symptoms. That's not the whole breakdown of advanced patho but hopefully you get the gist.

Surviving patho depends on your learning type and how your study tools. If auditory, recording lectures, and talking to yourself via reading/studying aloud may help, or study groups. If you learn best by repetition/writing, make note cards, and review during your downtime. And so forth and so on.