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    Nursing Homes Reopening

    I'm just wondering if anyone else out there is working in a facility that will be reopening soon. The LTC facility I work at is reopening to visitors and new admissions on July 15. We have been COVID-free since the pandemic started and I'm just afraid that we are jumping the gun to reopen too soon. I know this pandemic is hitting nursing homes the hardest and that it is likely a lot of the residents wouldn't recover if they got sick. I guess my question is, what do you all think of facilities reopening? I know a couple of staff that are considering leaving because they don't agree with opening so soon.
  2. meriadocs

    Nursing Homes Reopening

    They did a really good job of locking down the facility before we got many cases in our area. Our governor was very, very proactive in setting forth guidelines for LTC facilities. However, we have had several residents pass away since January (just from natural causes) and with guidelines becoming more lenient, the cynic in me tends to think it's more about admissions than about family members visiting. I'm hoping they have a good plan set in place but administration hasn't really been forthcoming about much so I'm not sure.

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