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  1. BarefootNurse3

    Oregon License by Endorsement

    Anyone from California transferring to Oregon? I'm looking to re-locate and find a job out there and would prefer to have a better time frame than the one online.
  2. BarefootNurse3

    Resume, Cover Letter, Interview Help

    I keep getting rejected from hospital jobs, even new grad jobs! I'm getting very discouraged. The only RN job I've held is at a SNF in the short term unit but I'm really eager to leave. Sadly, SNF experience isn't acute care experience so it doesn't count when I try to apply for a non-new grad hospital position. I live in California and the job markets competitive. I will have my BSN by August first, but I'm wondering if that will offer much benefit without acute care experience. I'm wondering if I should remove my previous jobs (teacher/medical assistant) and my second associates degree to make room for more information about my current RN job or add in clinical experience from nursing school? I did my senior preceptorship on a med-surg/telemetry unit. Lastly, I've tried to edit the summary as I feel it is weak but I've read conflicting information. I've read that some people don't even believe a summary/objective line is necessary since everyones objective is obtaining a job. I'm unsure what to put for the summary and how to change the bullet points of skills. Also, I've looked at various resources for practice interview questions to keep myself prepared. If anybody has any nurse pages with common interview questions I would really appreciate that! Any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂 I'm going to start looking at hospital jobs in different states because I don't think I can stay in a SNF. If anyone knows of any states that hire new grads, I've been looking at Colorado because I heard Arizona is seeing a lot of COVID patients right now. Resume Blank.pdf CoverLetter Blank.pdf