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    Probation urine testing

    How often have you been tested ? California nurse in probation just trying to navigate how many times per month I’ll be asked to test for the next few years 🙂
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    Anyone know how probation is working during this pandemic?? I submitted my stipulated settlement agreement to the board and am anxiously waiting for my "Decision and order" and thus probation to start for a dui..soo nervous about this as I have a full time job and 2 kids and literally never drink but of course I had a prior from 10 years ago so this is my second dui total and first while being a nurse..anywho. Any help is so greatly appreciated. I'm in Cali and not looking forward to the wrath of the board but I'll likely get full probation stipulations and terms..
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    Can we connect via a different platform as I rarely check this ! Glad to know I’m not the only one ! I was assigned a probation unit monitor before I received the decision and order in the mail I have to complete all the things 1-19 entail so yes physical and mental Evaluate testing etc . I signed agreement in February 21 I believe 🙂
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    Update -just got decision and order have probation terms 1-19 and I start may 15th Good Lord give me strength and $$ to figure this out and weather this storm -I think I’m gonna start a blog bc all this I formation needs to be in one place for us nurses
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    Started my probation. Need help!

    I just got probation 1-19 and my hospital Is working with me have you tried enloe

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