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Probation Testing


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What has your experience been with how often you were drug tested for the monitoring for probation ? I don’t drink or do drugs but I have kids and I’m trying to get an idea of how to make it all work I drop everything to go do that if I get selected a few times a week ? Is it monthly ? How do they decide

It’s usually 1-2x month- the papers you receive from the nursing board just state- mine says 1-2 x month. I check in on an app everyday - am- to see if I’m selected that day and I have til 7 that night to get the test done. I haven’t been selected since 3-13 though - prob because of the corona virus crap . Good luck!


Specializes in MSN Med/Surg.

Thank you very much ! It doesn’t say anywhere how often ..so that’s why I wasn’t sure ?