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  1. ESRN35

    Probation and Pregnancy

    Wow that’s awful thanks for the insight though !! Are you still in the program ? I’d love to hear your story email me ? Mrs.elis .sims@gmail.com
  2. ESRN35

    Probation and Pregnancy

    Has anyone been placed on probation while pregnant and/or have just given birth to a baby while on probation? Do you have any reasonable accommodation for postpartum?
  3. ESRN35

    CA Probation early release

    Please let us know
  4. ESRN35


    Many Many things drug testing work approval meetings and nurse support group mandatory exams by physicans. It's a hassel but its do-able
  5. ESRN35

    What is considered a violation?

    there are many reasons why someone would be placed on probation unfortunately I don't know the logistics and the BON can really do whatever they want.
  6. ESRN35

    CA Testing Frequency

    I hear ya its awful! Its excessive and ridiculous and costly but I believe it lets up. But definitely more testing around holidays be aware! usually spend $500-$800 on testing every month here in Cali--it blows. supposedly you can ask for a reduction in some stipulation to be taken off at a year mark--still have yet to find a post on that here though. you could get early term from everything at 2 years.
  7. ESRN35


    second dui here in California gets you probation- which I'm currently on- likely similar consequences let me know if I can answer questions
  8. ESRN35

    Probation while in school

    In order to continue to remain in school you have to have it approved by the board anyways which means school will likely find out- some schools are willing to work with you I would just pray and check in with thm to see. It is a forever mark on your record sorry I'm in the same boat.
  9. ESRN35


    Update! 6months in--testing is about 4-5 times a month at about $100 per test...Waiting to hear whether or not probation monitor will let up on any restrictions-will update when I know.
  10. ESRN35

    Started my probation. Need help!

    @Kpp1234 please emails us mrs.elis.sims@gmail.com @LVN45 feel free to contact us
  11. ESRN35

    Probation urine testing

    How often have you been tested ? California nurse in probation just trying to navigate how many times per month I’ll be asked to test for the next few years 🙂
  12. ESRN35


    Can we connect via a different platform as I rarely check this ! Glad to know I’m not the only one ! I was assigned a probation unit monitor before I received the decision and order in the mail I have to complete all the things 1-19 entail so yes physical and mental Evaluate testing etc . I signed agreement in February 21 I believe 🙂
  13. ESRN35


    Update -just got decision and order have probation terms 1-19 and I start may 15th Good Lord give me strength and $$ to figure this out and weather this storm -I think I’m gonna start a blog bc all this I formation needs to be in one place for us nurses
  14. ESRN35

    Started my probation. Need help!

    I just got probation 1-19 and my hospital Is working with me have you tried enloe
  15. ESRN35


    Anyone know how probation is working during this pandemic?? I submitted my stipulated settlement agreement to the board and am anxiously waiting for my "Decision and order" and thus probation to start for a dui..soo nervous about this as I have a full time job and 2 kids and literally never drink but of course I had a prior from 10 years ago so this is my second dui total and first while being a nurse..anywho. Any help is so greatly appreciated. I'm in Cali and not looking forward to the wrath of the board but I'll likely get full probation stipulations and terms..