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Caregiver/Psychiatric Nurse AIDE/B. S. in Psych

California Native and now Texas Resident.

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implathszombie9 specializes in Caregiver/Psychiatric Nurse AIDE/B. S. in Psych.

California native
Texas Resident
Brain surgery survivor and chronic illness activist
Hydrocephalus Association Volunteer
Author of No One's Daughter (Cl)

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  1. implathszombie9

    Bachelor`s in Psychology Struggling to Get into RN

    Hello!. Thanks for sharing your experience. I still have ideas on how I can make a difference with my psych degree until I become an R. N. so your story enlightens me more. I've been looking for case aide work while I'm healing from a major surgery I had in March 2020 before the pandemic took over everything. I live in Houston and the last two years have been a nurse aide/caregiver. Also been applying for hospital jobs that would allow me flexibility for any nursing program I can get accepted into, plus, I want out of my stepmoms place and want to stay within medical field until I get licensure. IDK exactly how I'll do it but as I'm healing I'm weighing options and taking pre-nursing classes this Summer.
  2. implathszombie9

    Bachelor`s in Psychology Struggling to Get into RN

    I have been a nurse aide for two years (without a cna license) at a few SNF and group homes in psychiatric care so I'm not worried about the experience part. There aren't any entry level masters programs for non nursing degree holders in Houston so I'm stuck. The ABSNs are here too but I'd have to take more prerequisites and I don't have any more federal aide for an ABSN. Case management is an ideal field but I'm applying to patient care or advisor roles until I get an RN license.
  3. implathszombie9

    Physician Assistant or RN

    It was too late for me to switch from a Bachelors in Psychology to Registered Nursing so I've been weighing options. Graduating this month. I have seen direct entry to MSN programs but also I started looking into physician assistant. I know nursing and P. A. are different but I would like to know from anyone else's experience. ABSN isn't an option because I can't afford it- need to work! Shadowing someone during the pandemic isn't an option and Texas doesn't have any APMNN or ELMSN/Direct entry MSN programs in Houston. ADN is an option but it would take a long time. Anyone here know P. A.s or switched?
  4. implathszombie9

    Texas-MEPN Programs

    I'm a student from California that lives in the Texas area. Does anyone know of a masters entry program in nursing or entry level masters in nursing (ELMSN) ? It's really difficult to find online in Houston. I know I would have to do clinicals at a longer time due to the research I e done on other entry level MSN programs.
  5. implathszombie9

    Bachelor`s in Psychology Struggling to Get into RN

    My answers were pretty straightforward and Jed was being rude whether or not you believe it. It wasn't directed for you to interpret.
  6. implathszombie9

    Bachelor`s in Psychology Struggling to Get into RN

    I have heard of that.
  7. implathszombie9

    Bachelor`s in Psychology Struggling to Get into RN

    Hello! I don't have a CNA license, I just have the experience. I'm just going to apply to everything I can once I finish prerequisites. I would need them regardless of whatever nursing program.
  8. implathszombie9

    Has Anyone Received their LVN from a Technical College?

    That's common but would be going backwards, not forwards. I have friends with my condition that are R. N. s. There are so many fields besides lifting I can do as a nurse.
  9. implathszombie9

    Bachelor`s in Psychology Struggling to Get into RN

    Sigh. please read the above posts. ABSN would take longer than an LVN program. I need to be in the field ASAP. End goal with nursing really depends so many options
  10. implathszombie9

    Bachelor`s in Psychology Struggling to Get into RN

    I don't have a CNA certificate. I just have the experience. I'll look into the agencies.
  11. implathszombie9

    Has Anyone Received their LVN from a Technical College?

    Is this also in Texas? And thank you!
  12. Who else has or had a non nursing degree before they sought out to earn their nursing license? I am struggling as a caregiver/nurse aide and need to be able to support myself during a nursing program(if I get accepted into the LVN program at Bell Tech), the college I found has a 68% NCLEX pass rate for 2019 but through 2015-2018 their NCLEX rates were superb. IDK what that means but they do not require pre requisites which is perfect for me right now! I have read that some LVN employers would pay for you to get your RN license . What kind of jobs can I work with a psychology degree until I get in the clinical field? What kind of work did you do before you became an RN? Any advice is much appreciated!
  13. I found an accredited technical college called Bell Tech Institute here in Houston. It cost $22,000 but I could start the program in January 2021 instead of fighting for a seat at Lonestar College for their ADN program. Lonestar College doesn't have an application start date until January with the ADN program starting in Fall 2021. Their advisors are terrible! I need to already be in a program by then because I'm supporting myself. Sometimes I wish I had chosen the RN field before I finished my Bachelor's degree in Psychology (May 2020 grad) but by the time I decided it was for me, it was too late. Can anyone tell me that I'm doing the right thing?
  14. implathszombie9

    Financial Help for LVN program

    Has anyone received financial help from workforce solutions for a particular LVN program? I live in Houston and am conducting research on Bell Tech Career Institute.
  15. So one can be an RN with a public health degree?
  16. implathszombie9

    Frustrated with Finding a Nursing Program Online or in Houston

    That's ideal but it doesn't work like that. I don't have micro or A&P

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