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Lisa H specializes in Health Communication and Patient Experience.

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  1. Lisa H

    Research: Nurse Managers

    Thank you so much! I will email you today!
  2. Lisa H

    Research: Nurse Managers

    Hello! I just wanted to express my appreciation to those who have participated in my research. It's been such a privilege to gain so much insight from nurse managers throughout the United States! I am winding down with the information-gathering...
  3. Lisa H

    Research: Nurse Managers

    Hello, and thanks again to those who have requested to participate in this study. It is coming along nicely and I'm enriched by all of the insight I am receiving! I still do need another 5 or 6 interviews (35 to 40 minutes long), so again invite any ...
  4. Lisa H

    Research: Nurse Managers

    Hello! I've had three responses -- a good start for a qualitative exploration (though I would value additional insight from others). Thanks for asking!
  5. Lisa H

    Research: Nurse Managers

    Thanks so much to those who have requested to participate in this relevant research! I'm really learning alot from nurse managers about what it's like to be accountable for HCAHPS scores. To ensure that a diversity of perspectives is reflected, I wou...
  6. Lisa H

    The Use of Music Therapy in the NICU

    I know that I myself read and write better when I have certain types of music playing in the background. So to me music therapy in the NICU makes sense and is definitely a topic that merits further exploration. This subject has piqued my interest -- ...
  7. It's a shame that some foods that are so healthy can prove to also be embarrassing. At least now I better understand why the elderly people in my life have a tendency to let them rip (and all the more motivation for me to keep exercising)!
  8. Much food for thought here, and very enlightening. Hitting home with the point that nurses are revenue generators is perhaps the type of language that the C-suite can better understand.
  9. Lisa H

    Research: Nurse Managers

    Hello! I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Kentucky, and am conducting dissertation research. I am seeking inpatient unit nurse managers or assistant nurse managers (current or within the last 5 years) to take part in a 35- to 45-minute vi...
  10. According to the Joint Commission, breakdowns in communication cause approximately 80 percent of all medical errors. Although this is a daunting number, those with limited English proficiency (LEP) are more prone to patient safety events than English...
  11. I currently manage language services for the hospital system I work for and have been working from home since the pandemic started. For the most part I really like it. It requires discipline and organization. I can say I'm actually more productive th...
  12. Lisa H

    A Day in the Life of a Nurse Working Christmas

    As a child I remember my mom having to work every Christmas. Lunch in the hospital cafeteria was our Christmas day tradition. Most of these occasions my mom, a nursing supervisor, would get called away in the middle of the meal. At the time it was ju...

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