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  1. Hi, I wan't to know about adminestering Lantus .What's better evening or morning? Does it make a difference. We had a class today about Diabetes and the lecturer (diabetes doc) told us that in every human being there is a hypoglcemia at around 4-5 at...
  2. not sure i'm a leader

    Hi everyone, I received a job offer to run a pediatric clinic. The head nurse is going on pension. She and I get along very well, and she has pushed me to go for this opportunity. I currently work at different clinic, and would have to come back and ...
  3. leaving in iv needle

    Hi everyone, I'm a nurse for around 6 years already. I started a new job as aclinic nurse. Now I ger to take blood tests and start iv's- things only the docs did at the hospital. Today an old man came in and needed an iv, I actually managed to get it...
  4. leaving in iv needle

    Thankyou so much! I appreciate your input
  5. leaving in iv needle

    Thanks for posting. How do you palate a valve?
  6. leaving in iv needle

    No in Israel .thankyou everyone for your advice.
  7. Blood draws/SL on kids < 5 yo

    Thanks for the advice, I'm a farely new nurse at a Peds clinic, worked before that at Med-Sur for 6 years, so children is all very new to me, and drawing blood at all is new too. I've been working around 6 monthes and still barely sucseed in a stick....
  8. is nursing for me?

    Hi everyone, I've been a nurse now for around 7 years, i worked 6 years in Med-Surg. I now after 2 kids have started working in a Pedeatric clinic. The work is alot slower than at yhe med department. Lately , I 've been feeling that I don't have wha...
  9. is nursing for me?

    Thanks so much for he kind words. You are a student and have a your whole life to be a nurse, you'll get that job soon enough!!!
  10. Can't get it out of my head

    Hi , I just recently started a new job at children's clinic, I worked brfore that in med- surg for 6 years, i just got tired of the shift work. Amyway , I feel so horrible I hate it when i make mistakes. Today ten mins brfore closing the dr, asked t...
  11. Nervous about med calculations!!

    Hi everyone! I am a new nurse just recently graduated from nursing school and am about to start my real job next week. I previously worked as a student nurse in the ER- I was offered to stay but prefered to to start off in a Med department because i ...
  12. I'm only 25 and have been a nurse now for only a couple of monthes. My legs ache at work and my legs are becoming full of "roadmaps" . Does anyone know of a way to prevent these ugly and painful veins from appearing on my legs? I've heard of elastic ...
  13. Nervous about med calculations!!

    thankyou all for encouraging me! I know that i have to get past this fear. I really appreciate your responses- I know that practice makes perfect- I'll work on my calculations