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  1. JustyourtypicalLVN

    How I passed TEAS test

    This is a guide as to how (I) passed the TEAS test. I do not guarantee you will pass but this definitely helped me and I hope it helps someone out there. To start off, these are the books and apps I used to study every day for about a month. APPS: (buy the full access for both definitely worth it) TEAS MASTERY APP POCKETPREP APP BOOKS: ATI TEAS MANUAL (from their official site ) it’s like $40 I think. mometrix ATI TEAS SECRET (yellow book $21.99 on Amazon) I recommend taking a practice test on Pocket prep AND ATI TEAS before you study so you can see what your weaknesses are. The yellow book has 3 practice tests. Once you see your results, study off of that. Like I focused my study on science and English because those were my lowest scores (around 50s when I took my English as it was my second language growing up and 40’s in science). The pocket prep has fewer questions than TEAS MASTERY app. So I used TEAS mastery app on a daily basis I would do like 100 questions to practice and then the pocket prep app I would use as a practice exam at the end of the week after studying. The Mometrix yellow book has 3 practice tests as I said. I used one before I began my studies to see my weaknesses. The 2nd practice test I took after reviewing everything. And the final I took after reviewing what I didn’t get right on my 1st and 2nd practice test. On average I got 80-90s in reading and math I kept getting 60-70s in English and science. I was sooo frustrated because my schools required a 62% to be considered for the nursing program and I didn’t want to be on the low percentage. I kept studying and studying especially science and English since they were my weak ones. When I took my exam, I felt that everything on the test was exactly what I studied. EXCEPT science. You need to study science a lot, even little details. Like my test would ask about layers of the skin and what does what. fortunately I PASSED: Math 90%, Reading: 84%, Science: 76.6% English: 75% Overall I got an 82% ADVANCED (91 percentile) I hope this helps you can always comment below and I can answer any questions you may have!
  2. JustyourtypicalLVN


    Hello, I wanted to know if anyone passed the TEAS test by just studying for the exam with TEAS Mastery. I rented the app for $10 a month and have been taking questions. I keep getting them right and I’m scared that I’m not studying right. I also bought a bunch of books to study but then I get so in my head and don’t know what I should be studying. So my question again is has anyone passed the TEAS test by just taking the TEAS MASTERY questions ?? any other tips are greatly appreciated. I am planning to take my exam second week of April 2020 but with COVID-19 I am not sure yet since a lot of testing sites are canceling the appointments
  3. JustyourtypicalLVN

    WCU or CSU

    Hello, I am an LVN/LPN, I have recently completed ALL my prerequisites to apply for the nursing program at a local community college to obtain my ADN and transfer to a CSU for my BSN. Doing this would take about 3 years and isn’t as flexible but would be cheaper. Going to West Coast University is lore flexible and faster but obviously would be a lot more expensive. The expense isn’t a problem as I’m a good saver. My problem and concern is life after getting into WCU. I am concerned that it will not prepare me properly. I have heard many rumors about how WCU does not do clinicals in hospitals and how hospitals will not hire you if you attended WCU and will prefer someone from CSUs. I know we will all pass the NCLEX at the end of the day but I am afraid I will be turned away from hospital jobs if I go to WCU. I have asked WCU about hospital jobs but of course they will tell you anything to get you in. Anyone graduated from WCU and currently works at hospitals? How was your experience? Is it worth it? p.s I also want to start a family with my boyfriend as soon as I finish my program. I am 24 and I know to some it may be young but I am looking forward to starting my life/family with my boyfriend of 4 years.
  4. JustyourtypicalLVN

    My patients dad drinks/smokes

    Hello, I am a home health nurse for a pediatric patient. My patients parent smokes marijuana and drinks alcohol (beer) on a daily basis. He started as early as 6 am (when my shift starts). I have not seen him disoriented or unbalanced. He carries a conversation with me well and never stutters or makes me feel like he is being unsafe when caring for my patient. I wanted to know when it’s time for me to report it to my supervisor? Should I just let them know it’s going on? Also, my patient is on oxygen and a tracheostomy. I have noticed a couple times he’ll light his lighter but in his room or the bathroom, NEVER in my patients room. He has told me that other nurses have complained on the past to the office and talks bad about them, obviously the office is aware of this ongoing situation.

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