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I am an LVN/LPN, I have recently completed ALL my prerequisites to apply for the nursing program at a local community college to obtain my ADN and transfer to a CSU for my BSN. Doing this would take about 3 years and isn’t as flexible but would be cheaper. Going to West Coast University is lore flexible and faster but obviously would be a lot more expensive. The expense isn’t a problem as I’m a good saver. My problem and concern is life after getting into WCU. I am concerned that it will not prepare me properly. I have heard many rumors about how WCU does not do clinicals in hospitals and how hospitals will not hire you if you attended WCU and will prefer someone from CSUs. I know we will all pass the NCLEX at the end of the day but I am afraid I will be turned away from hospital jobs if I go to WCU. I have asked WCU about hospital jobs but of course they will tell you anything to get you in. Anyone graduated from WCU and currently works at hospitals? How was your experience? Is it worth it? 

p.s I also want to start a family with my boyfriend as soon as I finish my program. I am 24 and I know to some it may be young but I am looking forward to starting my life/family with my boyfriend of 4 years. 

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