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How I passed TEAS test


Has 15 years experience.

This is a guide as to how (I) passed the TEAS test. I do not guarantee you will pass but this definitely helped me and I hope it helps someone out there.

To start off, these are the books and apps I used to study every day for about a month.

APPS: (buy the full access for both definitely worth it)



  • ATI TEAS MANUAL (from their official site ) it’s like $40 I think.
  • mometrix ATI TEAS SECRET (yellow book $21.99 on Amazon)

I recommend taking a practice test on Pocket prep AND ATI TEAS before you study so you can see what your weaknesses are. The yellow book has 3 practice tests.

Once you see your results, study off of that. Like I focused my study on science and English because those were my lowest scores (around 50s when I took my English as it was my second language growing up and 40’s in science).

The pocket prep has fewer questions than TEAS MASTERY app. So I used TEAS mastery app on a daily basis I would do like 100 questions to practice and then the pocket prep app I would use as a practice exam at the end of the week after studying.

The Mometrix yellow book has 3 practice tests as I said. I used one before I began my studies to see my weaknesses. The 2nd practice test I took after reviewing everything. And the final I took after reviewing what I didn’t get right on my 1st and 2nd practice test.

On average I got 80-90s in reading and math

I kept getting 60-70s in English and science.

I was sooo frustrated because my schools required a 62% to be considered for the nursing program and I didn’t want to be on the low percentage. I kept studying and studying especially science and English since they were my weak ones.

When I took my exam, I felt that everything on the test was exactly what I studied. EXCEPT science. You need to study science a lot, even little details. Like my test would ask about layers of the skin and what does what.
fortunately I PASSED: Math 90%, Reading: 84%, Science: 76.6% English: 75%

Overall I got an 82% ADVANCED (91 percentile)

I hope this helps you can always comment below and I can answer any questions you may have!