Hello, I wanted to know if anyone passed the TEAS test by just studying for the exam with TEAS Mastery. I rented the app for $10 a month and have been taking questions. I keep getting them right and I’m scared that I’m not studying right. I also bought a bunch of books to study but then I get so in my head and don’t know what I should be studying. So my question again is has anyone passed the TEAS test by just taking the TEAS MASTERY questions ??

any other tips are greatly appreciated.
I am planning to take my exam second week of April 2020 but with COVID-19 I am not sure yet since a lot of testing sites are canceling the appointments


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Aloha, I was using that app paid as well and I went through and answered all the questions drill style. I used a book also and Youtube. I did pretty terrible on my first attempt at the test but I was really nervous. My second attempt wasn’t much better but enough to qualify for my program. Honestly, it was the science that killed me and I’m normally really good at science. A tip for the reading, before reading that whole paragraph look at all the questions (fast) and see what information they want first that helped me not have to re read it 6 times. The math memorize the stupid shade tree question. I literally watched the Youtube for it before I went in the building. And it’s mainly fractions and ratios so If you look at the question like what? flag it and come back. The science, I mean it was pretty straightforward there was a lot of male reproductive questions on mine and it got confusing. It seemed like I was studying way harder things and some questions were so simple that I was like ummm I should know that but it’s either or... the grammar part was okay, it puts basically one of everything of the sentence structure and grammatical errors and I before e except after c, as well as misspelled words. If I had a little more time I could if done soo much better but whatever the guy told me it’s fine and what I did is enough for what I need. But for another school I’d have to step it up. Hopefully this helps. Sorry about the stupid pandemic happening good luck. ??


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@cheshi not sure how to properly respond on the website yet LOL. But thank you so much. I will soon be posting what I did to help me pass the TEAS test