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    Achieve Test Prep for CNA to RN

    "We" because we are both researching options for her. She's contacting schools and I'm doing research online, so we're kind of a team here trying to find a solution. I do agree the testing out is probably just CLEP tests for gen end which we could do on own on. But their program also appears to bypass the wait lists at other schools. So that's what we're going to ask. I know Achieve is not a school but more of a counselor type deal, but if they have a way of getting us (sorry, her) to the front of the line, then it's worth the price. But will talk to them next week and find out.
  2. Hello, my wife who is a CNA is interested in using Achieve for an accelerated RN program. The wait lists for regular schools/colleges are 1+years out so being able to start now is a plus. She never completed college and only took a handful of courses. After speaking to an Achieve counselor, the way the program works is they gave a list of classes that she can immediately test out of by, and then take about 5 other courses at the local community college, although its not taking a full course. It's more of attending once a week with a professor they coordinated with and the class isn't as long as a typical college class. This allows the flexibility to still work full time while taking these courses. Then after getting through those, there are RN specific courses to take that follow a similar structure. All in all, can complete all the courses and have the college credits in one year and then submit/take the NCLEX. Total cost is about $11K, which normally would be a lot but we've saved our government stimulus from Covid and that's basically how much we got from the IRS. Now we could probably do it for half the cost but in at least twice as long, so the accelerated option is enticing for us. Been searching online and keep seeing random posts about negative things with Achieve although they are vague. So looking to get some specifics on whether this program is legit. Willing to pay extra to get an accelerated program so if there is another better program am interested to hear.
  3. LJ1

    DOJ review taking months to review???

    Yes finally got the approval. Just kept calling the CDHP and DOJ and while we kept getting the same response, at least we spoke to different people and I can only think that's what got someone to complete the review. So good news my wife got her CNA back finally.
  4. Hello my wife completed her CNA course in October and passed the exam and the school submitted her info to the DOJ. There was some mix up either on the school side or DOJ and basically the DOJ keeps saying check back again in a few weeks. We've been doing that since November and here we are at the end of January with no resolution in site. Who can I contact to figure out what's going on here? Initially the DOJ said there was something wrong or missing and it was returned to the school and the school said they resubmitted it with everything needed. But still nothing from DOJ. This is obviously beyond frustrating since we don't know what's going on and she can't work as a CNA yet. Any clues on who to contact for help? Isn't there someone who can answer at the DOJ instead of just getting the tired answer of check back later?