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  1. Kayla Ackert

    Air Force Nursing Corps

    Josh, I am 30 years old and have worked as an RN with my BSN for one year now. I would love to join the Active Duty Air Force or Air Force Reserve and possibly go back to school for my MSN. My husband is in the Illinois Army National Guard. He has been in for 13 years and has deployed 3 times with his unit. He plans on staying for 20. We have two kids. I do have student loans from my BSN and other courses along the way. Can you list out the information as an AD vs Reserve format so I could get a better idea of which one will be better suited or me? I have always wanted to serve and am very serious about this decision so I want to make sure I make the right one. Thank you in advance, Kayla
  2. Kayla Ackert

    Types of Maternity Nursing?????

    ThatTallNurse where are you from? I find it interesting that the Mom and Baby each have their own nurse. That has been brought up where I am as well but isn’t going to happen. Is your hospital baby friendly accredited? Just wondering because I know we just went through that process. (Not saying I agree with all of it) but I’m just curious how other facilities run their units! Do the L&D nurses strictly do L&D or do they then resume the role of their postpartum nurse?
  3. Kayla Ackert

    Air Force reserves vs active duty Air Force???

    Wow, thank you so much windsurfer8!!! You’re so knowledgeable. I really appreciate how you answered some of the questions I asked.
  4. I'm a labor and delivery/ post partum nurse with 1 year of floor experience with my BSN. I'm considering joining the Air Force Reserves vs active - as a commissioned officer, and wanted to get some insight from those with some experience in this area. I have a husband and two kids. My husband has been in the national guard for 13 years. He is still in. He’s deployed 3 times with his unit. we live in Illinois but I’m willing to travel for my drills and AT -Is there any bonus for joining? -Student loan repayment? -will they pay for me to continue my education and get my masters? -can I volunteer for deployments? - is there a lot of room for promotion in the Air Force reserves? - who should I talk to about joining? - if I decide to do active duty will I have to move ? - will i have to live on base? - what kind of things will I have to send the recruiter? As far as documents? - is there anything medical that will for sure disqualify me? I really appreciate any advice you all may have and look forward to hearing your responses. I also appreciate any other input you may have including why you like/dislike military nursing, if you're happy with your choice to join, or anything else you think may be helpful as I make this huge decision. Thank you so much!

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