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  1. Megantaur

    Permanent Resident in USA planning to take NCLEX

    Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for it for so long! I do am planning to call for information. But this is a great help, thank you.
  2. Megantaur

    Permanent Resident in USA planning to take NCLEX

    I want to follow the requirements but there are no specific requirements for a permanent resident taking NCLEX exam in Michigan unlike California’s requirement. I was planning to take an exam in California before when I lived there and in their requirements I don’t need to apply for CFGNS as a permanent resident. I don’t know about Michigan though, I am having a hard time looking it up. Thank you for the reply.
  3. I am an RN in Philippines. I’m a permanent resident here in USA. I want to take NCLEX but I don’t know where to start. Some people say I don’t need to apply CFGNS since I’m already a permanent resident. What are the requirements and steps to take the NCLEX exam as a permanent resident in Michigan? Thank you!

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