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  1. Light Yagami

    NCLEX experience

    Thanks for that info. Are you talking about the PVT trick? I am too chicken for that lol and i don't have prepaid card ! I will just wait it out. I am from Canada.
  2. Light Yagami

    NCLEX experience

    Thank you. Really randomly given - wow. Fingers crossed hopefully to find out soon.
  3. Light Yagami

    NCLEX experience

    Hello Guys, I am new here and would like to ask some of you guys who have experienced and pass this exam. I took mine today and the first question I got was a basic knowledge that I have missed to study snd got it wrong. Anyhow as I have been clicking the exam on the first 30 questions at least, I know i have been getting some easy questions but when it got to around 30 ... i can tell the questions are harder. Harder meaning I haven't heard of some diseases popping up, lots of those priority and essential questions and I even got like 6 SATAs in a row. My questions stopped at 110. Honestly, I don't know if I did pass or fail it. My questions are: 1. I feel that my first 30 questions were easy questions and I thought it will stop at 75 due to the feeling I might be in the lower level questions. Where do they usually count the score at the first set of questions or the last set until the computer stops. 2. I didn't do the research exam at the last. I'm so drained today. Does that count towards your exam. I wanted to do it but i felt like i failed my exam so what's the point of doing it. Thanks for your feedback.

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