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  1. Light Yagami

    NCLEX experience

  2. Light Yagami

    NCLEX experience

    There were few people emailed me asking how did I prepare ... i would like to share what I have said. Thanks. I have only used uworld and mosby as my reference book. I have learned lots from uworld from the questions. I didn't use lots of reference m...
  3. Light Yagami

    NCLEX experience

    I PASSED @ 110. I really really and another really thought i failed. Goodluck to all !!!!!
  4. Light Yagami

    NCLEX experience

    Thanks for that info. Are you talking about the PVT trick? I am too chicken for that lol and i don't have prepaid card ! I will just wait it out. I am from Canada.
  5. Light Yagami

    Need advice, waited too long to take NCLEX

    Uworld and Mosby book. You need a book to reference back to while you answer questions in uworld.
  6. Light Yagami

    NCLEX experience

    Thank you. Really randomly given - wow. Fingers crossed hopefully to find out soon.
  7. Light Yagami

    NCLEX Questions

    Uworld with Mosby as your clarification book. That's all I have used.
  8. Light Yagami

    CPNRE November- December 2019

    I used to remember when it was my turn to take this exam. Lots of practice questions and most importantly take the predictor tests ... but use this to analyze the questions and answers not to evaluate yourself whether you will pass or not on the actu...
  9. Light Yagami

    Failed first CPNRE attempt, PASSED second.

    To all future test takers, Definitely use this. When I took mine few years back, I have only used this and made notes from it. It will give you an almost similar questions. Like what the OP said it's worth it. I am now waiting for my NCLEX RN results...
  10. Light Yagami

    Failed CPNRE twice!!!

    When I took my LPN exam few years back, all I have only used was the guide that you have mention. I would really suggest that you read that again and refresh your basic nursing knowledge again. Do not rush in taking the exam. You can also use U world...
  11. Light Yagami

    NCLEX experience

    Hello Guys, I am new here and would like to ask some of you guys who have experienced and pass this exam. I took mine today and the first question I got was a basic knowledge that I have missed to study snd got it wrong. Anyhow as I have been clicki...