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moomin has 2 years experience as a LPN and specializes in LVN.

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  1. moomin

    Assisted Living vs Nursing Home

    Hello, Can anyone tell me what it is like working assisted living vs skilled nursing facility as an LVN? I have been at a SNF for 7 months and am sick of it. The expectations are very unrealistic and I am always stressed out and feel depressed b...
  2. moomin

    What does a LVN Case Manager do?

    Hi, Would anyone be willing to share their knowledge about what a LVN Case Manager does? I really want to get out of a skilled nursing facility and would like to consider being a Case Manager. Thank you!
  3. moomin

    Hospice LVN vs RN

    Hello, I am a LVN thinking about entering hospice. Would anyone be able to help me out and let me know what a LVN hospice nurse does vs an RN hospice nurse? Also, would you consider hospice nursing less stressful than working at a LTC facility? ...
  4. Hi, I am considering home health or hospice nursing. I have been working LTC for 6 months and feel like the stress is just too much to handle some times. The stress is starting to drain my soul. Before every shift I get anxiety about the thought...
  5. moomin

    Is Home Health Stable Work?

    Hi, I am considering entering HH after working in a high stress LTC job and feeling burnt out. Before I go into HH I was wondering if the hours are stable? Does home health provide a stable enough income? I really want out of the long term care ...
  6. moomin

    Home Health Schedule

    Hello, I am curious about home health scheduling. Are you required to be on call all the time? Or can you set your schedule in advance for the week? I am really interested in entering HH but don't want to always be on call. I heard the schedulin...
  7. moomin

    I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine 😞

    I feel exactly the same way as you about taking this vaccine. I realllllly don't want to take it either. I work at a nursing home that is currently going through an outbreak and I have this nagging feeling that my employer will make it mandatory in o...
  8. I have been a LVN going on 5 months at a SNF. I am like an emotional roller coaster since I started. I have never experienced so much anxiety and uncertainty and at times depression about a job before. I can't stop questioning what I got myself into ...
  9. moomin

    Home Health LVN vs RN

    I am curious about Home Health. I am a new LVN with 3.5 months experience. How much experience is recommended before entering HH? What does a HH LVN do vs. a HH RN? Is home health nursing less stressful than working in a skilled nursing facility?
  10. moomin

    I quit my first nursing job after 2 weeks

    You have not ruined your reputation. You did the right thing by getting out. It sounded like a toxic and dangerous environment. I would have quit too. You can leave that job off of your resume if you want. I left the one I quit off of my resume and h...
  11. Hello, I have been a LVN for 3 months working in a SNF. I feel called to working with people with developmental disabilities but I am having a hard time finding out where to apply or where to even look for places that offer a position in this. Any ad...
  12. moomin

    LVN Hospice Nurses

    Hello, I am a new grad with 2.5 months experience in a SNF and I am wondering about becoming a hospice LVN. How much experience should I get before becoming a hospice LVN? Is 2.5 months too little? What are LVN hospice nurses expected to do vs a RN h...
  13. moomin

    Hypertension and Hypotension

    I am a new nurse working at a SNF. I was wondering what other nurses do first if a resident has high BP or a resident has low BP?
  14. moomin

    New grad......did I make a mistake?

    I know how you feel. I am pretty much in the same boat as you. I am a new nurse working at a SNF and didn't get much training either. I am having bad anxiety lately about it. I have already quit one job at a SNF after two weeks and now I am working a...
  15. moomin

    Home health vs facility

    I feel that way a lot. I am a new nurse and I am curious about home health. I would way rather have 1-6 patients vs 25 patients. I heard it is good to get experience before going into home health but I wonder how true that really is....?
  16. I am 2 months in as a new LVN at a SNF and already want to either go part time or quit. I am afraid if I don't go down to 3 days a week I will have a mental breakdown or up and quit (which I can't even afford to quit). I already dread going in to wor...