Assisted Living vs Nursing Home


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Can anyone tell me what it is like working assisted living vs skilled nursing facility as an LVN? I have been at a SNF for 7 months and am sick of it. The expectations are very unrealistic and I am always stressed out and feel depressed because of my job. Based on people's experiences would you consider assisted living to be less crazy than working at a SNF?


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I'm feeling much the same way and I just posted a similar question. I feel rushed, like there aren't enough hours in a shift to pass meds to make everyone happy, treatments are late. Nevermind if there's an admission in the midst of the chaos. I'm thinking assisted living has to be a better environment.

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I’ve worked both assisted living and nursing home. I prefer assisted living hands down! It really depends on the facility though and how they handle med adminstration. Usually the aides pass most of the routine meds and the nurse only passes crushed medication, ect.  but they’re are other facilities that only the nurse passes the medication. I worked in a ALF where the first situation I described happened. You have to enjoy working independently for the most part. I love it!


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I know this post is months old but I have to say that it is everywhere where there is unrealistic expectations! I work at an ALF and for the most part it is OK but tonight, 2 admissions; 1 re-admit amd the other a new admission. Sorry, I am not staying to do ALL of the paperwork that goes with those admissions. I legally had to do a nurse’s note and that is all my brain could even function for after that shift.

More and more keeps getting piled on us healthcare staff and I say NO! I am not a martyr and not to be a super nurse and stay over for hours on end. 

The corporations want us to do more with less and while they reap all the benefits. Sorry; I am giving what I can and I am done feeling bad or guilty or even angry. I am so thankful that many of the younger nurses are putting their foot down and demanding a better work environment. 

Here’s to all of us HCW whom are holding this country together!🙌❤️😘


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9 hours ago, ShayNeq65 said:

Here’s to all of us HCW whom are holding this country together!🙌❤️😘

Ain't this the truth!

Powerful statement!