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  1. ShayNeq65

    Assisted Living vs Nursing Home

    I know this post is months old but I have to say that it is everywhere where there is unrealistic expectations! I work at an ALF and for the most part it is OK but tonight, 2 admissions; 1 re-admit amd the other a new admission. Sorry, I am not stayi...
  2. ShayNeq65

    Why won't they pay us more to stay??

    I have often wondered that myself BB and this has come up in conversations with other nurses. We have gathered that it may be easier to get rid of traveling nurses when census is down, no benefits, no retirement plans to offer. Great for the comp...
  3. ShayNeq65

    COVID and Family

    This!❤️ I take precautions where I must, careful as I can be and See only family that I must; My ex husband and I share watching our 7 year old grandson on diff days. I work ALF for the moment. My ex works mostly from home. My DD works in a small o...
  4. ShayNeq65

    Assistant director of nursing... is this a mistake?

    Good for you to think about this. Always go with gut extinct! I think you are right about wanting more experience and if you love patient care, maybe tell HR,”thank you for the opportunity but I’d like more on the floor experience first”. You can alw...
  5. ShayNeq65

    LVNs in Hospitals Again?!

    Oh yes, LPN/LVN are being phased in again. My cousin, who has many years experience as an LVN has started a position in a hospital. When utilized properly, LVN can be a very important part of the team and have been for years. Peace❤️ JN