Is Home Health Stable Work?


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I am considering entering HH after working in a high stress LTC job and feeling burnt out. Before I go into HH I was wondering if the hours are stable? Does home health provide a stable enough income? I really want out of the long term care environment and thought maybe home health could be my exit. I am just concerned about stability...


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I've been in home health care for over 2 years. I live close enough to a large city that I have always had work. But it's worth mentioning that some patients are  located in far away, rural areas and I don't always accept the assignment. I don't like driving more than 25 miles for a shift (though I've done it before). Patients in home health care come and go. Sometimes they switch to another agency, sometimes they get admitted to the hospital and I'm not allowed to provide care there. Other times they are terminal and don't survive. 


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I have not found home health to be stable work, either extended care or visit work, and I live in a large metropolitan area. But that does not mean you wouldn’t, in your circumstances, find such work to be falling from every agency tree. Have a frank discussion about availability of work with any prospective agency employer and maintain a backup plan. Good luck.


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I work home health per diem. I live in a large metropolitan area. Before covid, I was rarely canceled. Now they are begging for help every day.

They can send me anywhere in the county and I am paid mileage and most travel time. I don't mind the driving.

The paycut from the hospital  is painful. In addition, I don't get compensated for all the paperwork time I put in.  

Full timers make a little more, but their paperwork is even more intense. I tried it briefly and was up till all hours keeping up. 

I have been applying for hospital jobs and am having a hard time getting back in after 2.5 years.

I see this is an old thread..

👍 Good luck to you OP