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  1. I am trying it on myself, twice. No luck. At the dorsum of forearm. Did you try it? Which area do you suggest for the cannulation practice?
  2. I am late to answer. I have read all replies. Thank you for all this kind advice. That night, I couldn't sleep; full of nightmares. The next day, in the morning, before the first lecture session. I told my instructor about what I did yesterday and I ...
  3. Today, we had a lecture with a faculty instructor. I raised my voice in the online classroom; I spoke furiously and reactively to answer a question the instructor asked. 15 minutes passed and my teacher's voice started to tremble. She was crying and ...
  4. I hope this is not true about colleague violence

    Thanks for the answers. I am relieved. We will discuss this article in Epidemiology class to make a statistical analysis. The thing is our professors emphasize patient safety and caring errors, but these warnings are a constant stream for us; errors,...
  5. Our professor gave an article (published in 2005) to read. We will discuss it tomorrow. It is about colleague violence in nursing. There is a passage in it: Theories abound Researchers have proposed several theories to explain horizontal violen...
  6. Meltdown at Work and Feel like a Failure

    You may want to visit a psychologist to know your weak and strong emotional sides, to know yourself better. Pinpoint the causes of meltdown, discouraging situations, and improve yourself at those points. Observe yourself at work; are workload and str...
  7. I don't know how to cope with it. I am a nursing student. Make a 'my patients who are lost to death' chart, maybe on a pano, hanging on the wall while exiting your house to the occupation's daily occurrence. "Every physician has at least one los...
  8. How many drugs should we know when we graduate?

    Thanks, Wuzzie, I assume that how includes drug reference books, smartphone apps, online sources, other experienced nurses, and the patient.
  9. Those drug guide books are claiming to have over 3000-4000 generic drug names. Are they for the PRN reference or we better begin to absorb them now, while in the school?
  10. Help! Hospice RN under investigation for diversion

    From all the posts here, one thing is concluded in my mind: any irresponsible complaint can derail your career. How fragile is Nursing becoming? Is there a rightful reverse complaint method to open a case against that primary carer daughter or the ma...
  11. Thanks, guys, I will inspect what information they added to the last editions and also check my classmates' books. At least I can take photos/notes from them if I miss something important.
  12. 2019-2020 editions are expensive. Such as Fundamentals, MedSurgical, A&P... If I buy cheap old books; will I miss so much important updated content of Nursing knowledge or is it just a little?
  13. Nurse Assault: My Story

    Why isn't the hospital accountable for the moron's action? Why doesn't the hospital give a rule/law paper to patients to read and to sign; "obey this or bye bye to ussr"? I mean, we have even option to choose or not to choose web page cookies. I am n...

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