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  1. nzgal

    Lpn to Rn in 6months

    I have tried emailing with no availability. Has anyone gotten through to them? Maybe I have the wrong email address???
  2. nzgal

    Houston New Grad Pay Rate?

    YUP I made $26.00 in MN as an LPN. Whoa right?
  3. nzgal

    LVN jobs?

    Not sure if this is the correct place to ask as many people are asking about Nursing schools NOT employment. I currently moved from MN to TX because of my husbands job. I am looking to work in the Houston area as an LVN while I go back to school to get my RN. I have applied at many places across the Houston area. Random question. Is this area known for being competitive and hard to seek employment? It has been nearly a week with no call backs? In MN it would be a matter of days before I received at least a follow up call back to take the next step as far as getting an interview. Am I supposed to call back? Not sure what the culture is like here in the Houston area? Does it take longer to find employment? Thanks in advance everyone for your help and sorry with all the questions. Not sure if I need to relax or if there is something I am doing wrong on my end. Thanks again!
  4. Hey everyone! So I am currently LPN certified and am gathering some knowledge about nursing schools in Texas. I just moved into the area so I don't know a LOT about schools here. I was just wondering which community colleges in the area are most recommended for having great teachers that help their students pass classes instead of using every opportunity to fail them. I do have some RN pre reqs to take such as Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology and a couple of others. I figure it I can do my pre-reqs for cheap and apply at a technical college, worst case scenario I don't get in I'll apply to take only the nursing classes at a private school. Thanks for your help!
  5. nzgal

    The College of Healthcare Professions

    Is it $42,000 total for the program only or is that including pre-reqs. I am wondering if I take my pre-reqs at a community college whether that could split the cost of the nursing college and take my down to $20,000 total?
  6. nzgal

    Lpn to Rn in 6months

    Whoa you guys are soo much help!!! Quick question. Are they accredited and how expensive is expensive??? Thanks again!
  7. nzgal

    The College of Healthcare Professions

    Nursing school is soo darn expensive if you want to pay for the no wait list and just hurry up and get it done mentality.
  8. nzgal

    Rasmussen question???

    Hey!! Random question for all my Rasmussen peeps doing the ADN program right now. I completed my LPN at Rasmussen in MN and after graduation worked as a nurse for three years. In that time I have recently moved to Houston and am at awe that they don't have any schools like a Rasmussen considering it's a massive city. I am either forced to take a ton more pre reqs, sit a nursing entrance exam and wait to get into the program, OR pay $80,000.00 to go to the one private college to complete an LPN to BSN program. So I am wondering how crazy it would be if I could sign back up to Rasmussen in Florida, complete most work online and fly in once a week and do clinicals?? So I guess my question is, are there any current LPN-ADN's completing the program in any Florida location. How many days per week do you think you are at school. How many days are you in clinical. I know it sounds crazy BUT I am in my late 30's and looking to just get this done so I can move ahead in my life! Thanks for all of your wonderful help!
  9. nzgal

    Lpn to Rn in 6months

    How many pre reqs do you need before you can get into the program? Do you need to be on a wait list for forever? Anyone have experience with this school?
  10. WOW as we all know nursing schools are extremely competitive to get into in Texas. Anyone travel or consider traveling out of state to at least get their ADN? I completed my LPN at Rasmussen which doesn't have the best of names but its a straight in and you don't have to wait forever. I'm weighing up flying to Florida or some other state once a week to complete the program. Seems that Florida has a shortage of nurses right now. Anyone currently doing this OR have experience with it. I know it sounds crazy but I knew a lot of friends living in MN driving hours to get to Nursing Schools way out in the country just because they did not have to sit on waiting lists. Thanks for all of your input.
  11. nzgal

    The College of Healthcare Professions

    I just looked them up! Think their total cost for the program is $42,000.00 Are they accredited? Do they have wait lists? I am also interested in finding out more.
  12. nzgal

    LPN to RN or BSN programs?

    Thank you so much for your help! I'm currently looking at Lone Star College as I will be living in the Spring area. I appreciate all of your input!
  13. nzgal

    TEAS prep courses?

    OR Houston????
  14. nzgal

    LVN License Transfer

    I believe you need to go through BON. My license was only regionally accredited so I had to retake a test through their website to become licensed in Texas.
  15. nzgal

    LPN to RN or BSN programs?

    Hey everyone! I am an experienced LPN who recently moved from Minneapolis down to Houston with my husband for his job. It is time to go back to school and either get my ADN and finish up my BSN online, OR go straight for the BSN program. However I am noticing that nursing school down here is just as competitive as it is in MN. I am looking at either applying at Lone Star College as I live up in the Spring area OR paying an ungodly amount and going to Chamberlain college. If I go private my loans will be well over $100,000 and I cannot imagine ever paying that back in a reasonable time. How long are the wait lists down here at the technical colleges? In MN you could be waiting a couple of years to get into the ADN program through a cheaper school. I need some advice/assistance from what ya'll are noticing. Thanks soo much for all of your help!