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  1. Hey guys! I’m originally from MN where finding a job is really not an issue. I moved to Houston because my husband was relocated for his job. I am finding it next to impossible to find any LPN jobs here. The job market seems to...
  2. Approximate time to find a LPN job?

    Thats just the problem I"m not sure where I'll be living yet? I was looking at suburbs 40-45 mins by the city with no traffic. Mokena IL looks like a reputable suburb???
  3. Rasmussen students!!!

    Hey everyone! I'm an LPN graduate of Rasmussen in Minnesota and will be transferring to IL in Fall of this year due to my husbands job. I would like to do the LPN-ADN at Rasmussen. I was looking at their accreditation and n...
  4. Kenosha WI Nursing?

    Hey everyone! Quick question. I am an LPN that hails from MN and graduated in the midwest. I moved to Houston for a better climate. However I am finding that the job market is very hard down here and the jobs that are down here pay next to nothing wi...
  5. Accepted !!!!!

    Whoa congratulations!!!!!! What do you think helped you? Good grades?

    How long has it been since you applied?? I do not see a date on your last post? I"m wondering if I should apply for mine six months in advance as I currently have a Texas license and will be moving to IL next year myself!
  7. Hey everyone! Random quick question. I have lived in both Minnesota and Houston and will be transferring back home to the Midwest specifically IL next year due to my husbands job. Once I have transferred my license how long...
  8. Illinois license and job prospects

    You got this girl!!!! Promise to let you know. I'm not quite sure about IL nursing and have many questions myself!
  9. Illinois license and job prospects

    How long has it been since you applied for licensure??? I"m sure people are not even willing to hire without a current IL license. I"m looking at moving from Houston to Chicago so I have all of the same questions! Good luck!
  10. Hey everyone. I currently have an active Minnesota LPN license and recently had to get a Texas license as I am living in Houston for the next year. Both my husband and I miss the Midwest very much so we are looking to move back to the suburbs of Illi...
  11. Online LVN to ADN program?

    I'm currently living in Houston right now and have to work full time night shift as an LVN to get insurance. Does anyone know if an online LVN to ADN program exists? I know you have to get clinicals somewhere. I wouldn't even mind doing the majority ...
  12. Lpn to Rn in 6months

    I have tried emailing with no availability. Has anyone gotten through to them? Maybe I have the wrong email address???
  13. Houston New Grad Pay Rate?

    YUP I made $26.00 in MN as an LPN. Whoa right?
  14. LVN jobs?

    Not sure if this is the correct place to ask as many people are asking about Nursing schools NOT employment. I currently moved from MN to TX because of my husbands job. I am looking to work in the Houston area as an LVN while I go back to school to g...
  15. Hey everyone! So I am currently LPN certified and am gathering some knowledge about nursing schools in Texas. I just moved into the area so I don't know a LOT about schools here. I was just wondering which community colleg...