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LVN jobs?

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by nzgal nzgal (New) New Nurse Student

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 Not sure if this is the correct place to ask as many people are asking about Nursing schools NOT employment. I currently moved from MN to TX because of my husbands job. I am looking to work in the Houston area as an LVN while I go back to school to get my RN. I have applied at many places across the Houston area. Random question. Is this area known for being competitive and hard to seek employment? It has been nearly a week with no call backs? In MN it would be a matter of days before I received at least a follow up call back to take the next step as far as getting an interview. Am I supposed to call back? Not sure what the culture is like here in the Houston area? Does it take longer to find employment? Thanks in advance everyone for your help and sorry with all the questions. Not sure if I need to relax or if there is something I am doing wrong on my end. 

Thanks again!

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