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  1. Sjean31

    Can't afford nursing school

    Wow awesome! Congrats! And thank you for the inspiration!
  2. Sjean31

    Can't afford nursing school

    Thanks guys! The advice helped and I enrolled in a local community college. I will get my ADN and after that do a bridge program for RN to BSN. I wanted to avoid this route because it will take me longer but I don’t have the financial stability right now to afford ABSN route. And wow 3000 dollars would have been awesome! That doesn’t exist in N.J. my program will run me about 10,000 and that’s with books and supplies/ scrubs included. Here I go! My journey begins fall 2019 at Camden County College! Wooohoo 🥳
  3. Sjean31

    Can't afford nursing school

    yup, I can't take any private loans due to a current open bankruptcy and my federal loans will only allow me to take 9500 because I have used a majority of it for my first bachelors degree, which is a complete worthless degree that I will never go into that field.....I can apply for scholarships but none are enough to pay for ABSN program....dont have anyone that will cosign for me hence the bankruptcy.....I want to become a nurse so bad and have finished a lot of my prerequisites....I hate being in a financial bind...any advice would be helpful