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  1. abu123

    Urgent care info

    Ive applied and got interviewed for an urgent care job. I just want to know if what can you say about this company. Is it like an ER stepdown?
  2. abu123

    Patient First Urgent/Primary Care Clinics

    Hi! Im also wondering the same thing about Patient first. Have you started working with them? How is it? I applied full time to them and waiting to be interviewed by the nurse manager. I just had an interview with HR.
  3. abu123

    Just need some more info

    Thank you! Im trying to think if it is a good job for me. I have never tried it. At the same time I am not thr type of person who loves talking on the phone.
  4. abu123

    Just need some more info

    What do phone triage nurses typically do? I mean I know you do triage and patients call you. But is it a difficult job? What should you prepare before working in there? What are the other things they do? Are they always on the phone and computers? Thanks!
  5. I need an advice. I am currently working as an ED nurse in a busy hospital. Everyday is really a struggle because of not enough support and just difficult for me to position/transport patient. I have been working in the hospital for almost 4 months. I have been applying for ambulatory care nurse job, and in one hospital they just emailed me that my application has been forwarded to the hiring manager. I tried transferring to another unit but they wont let me not until I worked 6 months in probation excluding orienatation time. So my question is, should I just leave my current job or wait for a job offer and then leave? Thanks!
  6. abu123

    what do ambulatory nurses do?

    Thank you?
  7. abu123

    what do ambulatory nurses do?

    I am currently thinking of working as an ambulatory nurse. So I applied to a lot of job posting for it. I am working as an ER nurse in a busy hospital. Been there for 3 months going to 4 months. When I got out of orientation, I felt free. But the stress level is really high most especially that I am having problem with my legs. I am so young and already have varicose vein problems. So I was advised by my doctor to have ablation surgery because it has been really a pain in the ***. Working in the ed is stressful especially that I have to push patient's stretchers going to their rooms, or change patient's position when cleaning them, you know what I mean. I was not expecting carrying and pushing heavy people was part of the job. lol. In the country I used to work we have UAP to do those things. So this really made me hate working in ED because I am a very tiny person and I just cant get help from people at work to do these things because they are busy too and some people just dont want to help. Sorry for my long nonsense talk. So what do ambulatory nurse do? Will I ever have a chance to get a job in there even if my US experience is less than 6 months? Thank you
  8. abu123

    Need an advice

    Im a new USRN but has 2 yrs emergency room experience in another country. I just started working as an ER nurse in one of the hospital here in US almost 3 months. The problem is it is so overwhelming for me, the management is dysfunctional like I have to keep on running after them just to get my work schedule (they would keep on passing me to different people who will make my schedule) and their training to me was not good because they gave me a preceptor who is not nice and the other one loves to humiliate me in front of patients (I did not request to change my preceptor because Ive heard rumors someone did it before and she got fired or people hated the new nurse. They told me I will have training for 12 weeks but changed it to 6 wks, and too much gossip and politics in there), documentation requirement is too much,and I am just always sad knowing I have to work there.My health is getting crazy because of this stress, I am not like normal people because I am a person who needs medications and doctor's check up every six month. I am planning on applying in an office job as a nurse/ ambulatory setting where stress is less. My question is should I put on my resume that I worked in this hospital for 3 months? If I put it on my resume what is the best reason I should give during interview? Or do I just have to not say it on my resume? Thank you guys!
  9. abu123

    Need a ED mentor

    Im a new US nurse. I worked as an ED nurse in in a country in asia for 3 yrs. Im already hired as a ED nurse in one of the hospital herr in Maryland. But I'm having a hard time because my experience is just so different from what I'm used to. I'm already good at using the hospital computer system. My problem is when I have a difficult patient like patient boarding as ICU patient, it gives me a hard time in understanding the orders and my preceptor are just not as nice as what I would exepect. When I ask questions they would give me a face or make me feel I'm a dumb person in front of a patient. My experience in Asia is so different. When I have patient in Asia I only do IVs, give stat medications, just stabilize the patients, let medtechs get blood, bring them to xray/CT scan and then they go to their rooms. I would just deal with them for 30min- 2 hours. Unlike here in US, in the ED you do almost all. Like blood transfusion, ngt insertions, and etc. It just makes me cry knowing my preceptors are just not nice to me. They either leave me all the time and they talk to their bffs or they give me a face when I ask questions. What should I do? This js making me not happy, its making me hate going to work. I just keep on crying after work. The job itself is stressful, and the people are just not that nice. I wanted to change lreceptor but someone adviced me not to because they managemebt is not good. The management would rather lose the new nurse than give them a new preceptor.