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So in my previous posts, I had issues with my nurse manager. My NM changed her mind and announced I'd be promoted after doing one thing. I did what she asked and asked her about my application. And NM said I submitted my application the wrong way. So applied again and included HR in my application. NM did not like that I included HR and said I did not go to the proper chain of command. NM decided not to promote me because of it even after doing many projects that improved staff performance and communication, leading 3 committees, doing charge nurse, precepting nurses, creating educational handouts for new nurses, helping in policy-making and changes, and doing my best to do everything asked without complaint (Been working in this unit for many yrs). NM has been changing her mind many times for a year now, from not promoting me to promoting me and so on and so forth. NM still accuse me of gossiping, and has said I do not have leadership skills, emotional intelligence, I'm to young and immature. LOL. I am so done now. It is time to move on and take care of my mental health. All of these discrimination and bullies is affecting my work morale and health. So, I have applied to the ICU and I need advice on what to study and how to prepare for interviews. I just really want to get out of the unit and be in a new environment. What are possible questions I should prepare for? Thank you so much!




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I know you're probably using voice recognition. I use it all the time. Nevertheless, I always take the time to form paragraphs. 

Also, even though I sympathize with you, don't use the victim card so readily. Some people have faced serious discrimination, not just a Manager who thinks they are immature.

Slow down, use paragraphs, and plan your next career move thoughtfully. And, don't expect life to be fair. Keep trying to find your niche.

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