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A new grad. I am searching for that place that I can call "home".

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  1. newrn05

    Ekg help

    I have to take a pass of fail ekg test. I ahve been told it is very hard. I have to id the strip and incite every intervention for every strip. I have sites for strip reading but I am looking for sites to help with all interventions. I have been told think like a doctor, anticipate every thing a doc would do. Thanks
  2. newrn05

    Young and jaded.

    I can totally understand. I have been a nurse for 5 years. I work med/surg, tele, stepdown. I have seen a lot of the same issues and drama's. Had one the other night. I kept saying to my self why bother. Remeber this: You will make a difference to someone almost every day. You may not see the effects or be told. Your patience, understanding, caring touch will matter to someone. It might not be a patient but a family memeber or a teenager in the hallway who you didnt know was watching. Sometimes I have to remember the lil things to get by.
  3. newrn05

    Thinking of relocating

    I have been an rn for almost 5 years. Med/Surg and tele with some progressive care experience. I am thinking of moving to Texas. Can you guys tell me the wages in the state.
  4. newrn05

    Organized/condensed packing tips

    Hello everyone. I travel with my S/O and we have a mini van. We also have a small dog. We have to take out housewares with us and clothing. Any tips on kitchen gadgets and other things to help make packing easy and condensed. Thanks
  5. newrn05

    Agencies in Phoenix/Scottsdale

    I am a travel nurse coming to the phoenix area. I am wonderin if anyone can give me names and info on temp agencies. I am looking for just a few extra days a month. Thanks
  6. newrn05

    Nurse ask that "we listen to the patients".

    The system as a whole needs to change. I have had many patients go to rehab for IV antibiotic therapy costing a lot of money every day because their insurance will not pay for someone to train a patient and family to access picc line and run antibiotics. This is an easy thing. My s/o's mom had a med port and she needs immuno-globlin therapy every two weeks. For years they send nurses out and started an IV then they stayed there with her for like 8 hours. Finally the doctors got the insurance company to agree to a pre programmed pump, supplies and medication. She accsess her port with a perfect sterile techniquie. runs her own meds. More doctors, nurses, patient and discharge planners need to be aggressive. show them the cost of x and the cost of y and say this will save you money.
  7. newrn05

    Dear preceptor

    So sad. I have been an Rn for 4.5 years. I just started working as a preceptor. I had an Nurse Extern this past summer and a leadership student this fall. I love it. I have her follow me the first night then I follow her the second night. I assess her skills and have her watch me. She has taught me so much. In my opionin, if you dont like to teach stop working. how does she teach her patients. they say nurses eat their young. Maybe they are right.
  8. I am having a problem right now. I am a very outgoing, caring friendly, outspoken kind of person. I am also very direct. A few of my co workers have complained I rude at times. I have a improper "tone" or body language. I personally think they are intimidated by me and how secure I am and the way I carry myself. I have asked almost all my coworkers what this behavior is and they say they don't get it. I personally think the NM has it out for me. I always know I am in trouble when she says to me "You have great clinical skills but..." I am on a level three write up. I have to go to EAP counceling again. Monthly meeting with the NM. Any more issues and I am fired. My boyfriend says I should file with HR that I am working in a threatening enviroment. That every time I come to work I feel harrassed. She constantly asks people how things are going with me. If there are any issues with me. I love my job and I love my co-workers. I am probably going to quit and go back to travel nursing. It's sad that one person can find ways to take a situation and turn and twist it around to make another person look bad
  9. newrn05

    Traveling to AZ

    Hello all. I am being submitted for a position in AZ. I was reading some old posts from JAN of this year. It talked about no work and being cancelled a lot. Any AZ people out there. how are things?
  10. newrn05

    Assertiveness being seen as aggressive

    I live in Michigan. I have my whole life.
  11. newrn05

    vancomycin and peripheral iv's

    I have found that the facilities where I work you have to pull teeth to get a PICC even after trying to rationalize with them that the patient will require a harsh med over a long period of time.
  12. newrn05

    vancomycin and peripheral iv's

    Can anyone give me any sites or info on whether or not you can give vanco in a peripheral iv. A co worker and I were discussing it but I can not find any evidence based info. thanks Dawn
  13. newrn05

    Help advice needed

    I have been a nurse for almost four years. The unit I currently work on is a busy med/surg/tele floor. I have been called into the office 4 times now for my "attitude" I have been the first person to admit when I have said something that could have been taken wrong. Now I feel like someone is nit picking. The manager even said that people have issues with general conversation. With things such as....When you guys are all just talking and compainring the types of patients you have taken care of you need to stop comparing. She says its like I am always trying to one up everyone. I have traveled in the past and have worked other types of units therefor I have a lot of experience to pull from. I feel like I can't even talk anymore. Innocent stuff is starting to get taken wrong and twisted. Yes I do at times get an attitude. I have appologized for it. My manager says its my tone. Here is my question....How do you handle getting irritated or even mad at work without having the tone or your voice come accross as innapropiate. She is to the point of doing a level one correction. I am looking for ways to catch myself and save my job.
  14. newrn05

    Advice needed. I want to try ICU

    Oh please don't get me wrong....I know that ICU is a very busy place. I do not think for a minute that there is less work and time to pamper. What I mean by everything being done is I know that the foley got emptied and charted. I know what the vitals are at all times. That type of thing. I spend so much time double checking my vitals because experienced cna's can't seem to remember to come tell the nurse that the patient has a temp of 102 or a blood pressure of 80/40 or 200/100. That type of thing. I know ICU is intense and I feel I have good assessment and clinical skills. It's the being in an area that intense that I am not sure of. Hope that clears that up a little.
  15. newrn05

    What is your least favorite kind of med-surg patient?

    I absolutly hate drug seekers. I recently had a patient who refused to go home after having an ovary removed via a lap surgery. OMG that don't hurt that much. She was received dilaudid, phenergan and benadryl. Everyone knows that when a patient has these ordered every 4 hours and demands they get them together that it is to get high. The Doctor she is admitted under admits patients to our hospital but does not round on them. The Dcotro that rounds on them sees her and immediatly dc's all of her meds and puts her on lorcet 10's with 1 mg morphine for breakthrough. I speant 3 hours that night calming her down and stopping her from yelling screaming and swearing all night. Mind you I had 6 other very ill patients that could have used some one on one attention like that from their nurse but didn't cause I was too busy playing babysitter.
  16. newrn05

    Question about American Mobile

    Now I know that they are called part of the "evil" empire but I do have a few questions. I am returning to traveling and my last company burned me. So I have been emailing with several agencies. The recruiter I ahve been in contact with from AM not only emails me a response to my question but calls me to talk about it as well. When she knew that I had taken an assignemtn with another agency she called me to see how it was going. She contacted me more frequently then the recruiter I had from the agency I was with. Even now I have contact with at least 5 recruiters and she is always phoning me to talk. To me I think that the relationship you have with a recruiter is one of the most important aspects. Am I wrong? Every question I have asked she has answered. many of the others have blown me off or given me partial answers or have not been very specific. What do you all think.