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Ashenx has 8 years experience as a CNA.

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  1. Anyone starting with me next month?
  2. Just curious if in Kentucky you can take the LPN boards after your first year of an RN associate's program? I know you can in some states but couldn't find anything about KY. I know that probably means "no" BUT I figured I would ask anyway.
  3. Ashenx

    Alternate List

    Just a little bit of an update, as I was getting the stuff together to apply at the expensive school, I got the phone call that I was accepted if I wanted the spot. Of course I accepted! Lol Thanks for the info you guys! I will still apply at the other just to see if they can offer any other financial aid.
  4. Ashenx

    2019 Salary Survey Results Part 1 - Demographics

    Wow, if these numbers represent the field as a whole then the shortage will be for real in about 10 years.....
  5. Have you started? I was curious also..
  6. Ashenx

    Alternate List

    Okay, a little background, I've been a CNA for about 8 years now, finally got my head out of my butt and decided it's time to go back to school. I just finished my 2nd semester of community college finishing my prerequisites for their ADN program. I applied for 2 programs that are sister colleges (both an hour away from me). I got a letter saying I was an alternate for one of them and haven't gotten anything from the other. My GPA in high school was trash and my college is currently a 3.2. I chose these two colleges because I'm at 33 credit hours and will have a full scholarship to either (if accepted) if I don't complete more than 60 credits before it's over with. There is another college in my town I could attend but it would cost me upwards of 8k a semester and don't have the gonads to take on that kind of debt. Now, what I'm torn on, if I don't get accepted into either, I have no idea what to do! If I choose to give up nursing, I'll have wasted this whole year on prereques and they don't transfer to anything unless I go to a bachelor program. OR I would have to swallow my pride and go to the expensive school (which I hear is easier to get into but a lot more strict than the sister schools) which will put me out about $38k~ for just an associate's degree. I've been looking into P.A. schools but that's a lot more college before I can start working and a lot more debt, but my credits would transfer to it. Plus my heart has always been with nursing. What would you all do in this situation? Just curious from people who have been in similar situations.
  7. Ashenx


    Micro is brutal to most. I got an 88 and was happy with that. Wouldn't recommend taking any super hard classes with it due to the lab component making it feel like a whole other class. That may have just been my professor though.

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