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  1. Significant change assessment

    Working on MDS/QTRLY ard 2/15, noted res with a new pressure ulcer stage 3, res has already 2 other area with PU stage 3. do I need to change my MDS assess to a significant change, I hate dashing my F section.
  2. ICD10

    Thank you.
  3. ICD10

    What is ICD10 code for the Pt who underwent a left hip intramedullary nailing for L intertrochanteric femur fracture?
  4. Diagnosis Sheet/Covid

    We have been told , that we need to create a diagnosis sheet for every assessment we open for Covid+ patients and use U07.1 as primary diagnosis. except IPA we don't need a new diagnosis sheet!???I am confused!
  5. OBRA Assessment

    Hello, I have a patient who discharged to the hospital on 12/15/20. Patient prior discharged to hospital had a scheduled quarterly assessment due for 1/9/21. However, upon return from hospital on 12/23 we opened a significant change assessment ...
  6. ICD10

    I am looking for ICD 10 code for patient who was admitted to hospital for aspiration pneumonia then to skilled rehab with sepsis.
  7. Morbid Obesity

    I'm looking on guidance for coding of Morbid Obesity and Malnutrition on the MDS. I have had situations where the attending physician has diagnosed the resident with Morbid Obesity or Malnutrition, however when our dietician does their evaluation the...

    HMO patient admitted on 8/4 discharged to hospital on 8/12, returned 8/14 entry 8/4, 5 day ard 4/10 , DRA ard 8/12 , entry 8/14, 5 day 8/20 & admission 8/20. Also I had to open end of PPS assessment per our facility requirement ARD 8/12 (I just ...
  9. Late Submission

    If entry was submitted late, more than 14 days after A1600, how its going to affect MDS/Nursing? Also if we have only one assessment with dash related to weight(K0200B), is this going to affect payment determination? Thank you.
  10. Indirect Skilled NURSING SERVICES

    Thank you.
  11. Indirect Skilled NURSING SERVICES

    Resident admitted s/p fall noted noted with a stage 2 to left lateral foot. Resident is receiving daily dressing change with ointment. I am reading chapter8 and I see we can skill only if its Stage 3. Also for the dressing it has to require asepti...

    Thank you.

    Patient admitted under Private Pay on 08/10 at 15:15 and was discharged on 08/11 at 18:10. I opened an entry and discharge assessment. The only reason I opened them because of overnight stay. If patient was discharged the same day with no overnight ...
  14. Hospice

    Hospice resident discontinued GT feedings per family request, continue water flushes. Would you open a significant change assessment?
  15. Medicare Stay.

    Thank you for the response. That's exactly what I did, however, I have been told that we don't bill Medicare for the discharge day and if the patient was in the facility for less than 24 hours its failure to admit.